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Interview with our Partner, PTP Bilisim Danismanlik ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi
  • Who We Are – PTP Bilisim Danismanlik ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi

Please give us a brief overview of PTP Bilisim Danismanlik ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi (PTP)

PTP Bilisim Danismanlik ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi was established in 2014. Before PTP Bilişim, operations were done via the Turkish Personal Company – Aysulu Bilisim that was established in 2011. Right now, all operations are provided by PTP.

We mainly operate in three main areas. The first one is Contact Centre Implementations. In this area we do projects and we also provide outsourcing services. Projects are developed on mainly AVAYA products but also to provide different Vendor expertise. And we provide talented Contact Centre Developers on all Topics – IVR and Desktop Development.

Our second expertise is Identity Management Products, where we do consultancy for IDM Projects. And we implement Oracle’s Identity Management product under Vendors like Accenture and Oracle.

And our last expertise, we supply Skilled Software Developers and Technical people to companies. We have references in this area with Vendors (Accenture, Oracle) and Turkcell Global-Bilgi.

Could you tell us why you chose to partner with Cross Identity?

When talking with different companies from different business verticals we understood that our customers were using different solutions for access management, identity governance, and administration. Most of the time there were at least three different vendor solutions that didn’t get along well with each other. This created chaos among the IT teams which had to be solved. Also, we observed how difficult it was to move an on-premises solution to the cloud and at the end of the day you end up being not only above your budget but also unable to fit into the project timeline. It became clear to us that we need to have a single solution that can solve these challenges in the IAM space, while also being inexpensive compared to the existing solutions and it should be managed by a single dashboard.

What do you think are the pain points of the IAM industry today, and how do you wish to address them?

The new threat landscape is changing rapidly and the times when hackers used their technology to hack into systems are gone. Even the time of piggybacking credential-sniffers through malicious emails and malware is at an end. Identity is the new attack surface. Therefore it is in the customer’s interest to protect against this threat with an IAM system.

Due to the existence of different software solutions, we believe the real challenge lies in the integration. During your career, you might have worked with one or two different solutions. At this stage, Cross Identity’ experience with a broader set of solutions and software integration will help us solve multiple customer problems.

How do you see Cross Identity solutions in collaboration with PTP making a difference in the IAM space?

The Turkish and the Turkish-speaking countries are a young and developing market that is open to development. I believe we can work together to address different customer verticals starting from finance, moving on to healthcare, transportation, retail, and then the public sector.

What are your biggest strengths that you want to bring to the forefront along with Cross Identity?

We believe that during these difficult times due to the pandemic, protecting privileged accounts will be more challenging than ever. Because the average number of incidents involving employee or contractor negligence has increased from 13.2 to 14.5 per organization and the average number of credential theft incidents has almost tripled over the past two years. It is clear that we should pay close attention to insider threats, along with potential solutions.

A big risk for organizations today is their lack of digital preparedness. Most companies that were on the fence about remote work, no longer have a choice in many cases while normal access provisioning and maintaining digital identities is a challenge. Securing privileged accounts in this pandemic is crucial because it is important to note that despite the worldwide digital struggle there are bad actors who are willing to take advantage of this vulnerability.

Unfortunately, external parameters are no longer adequate at serving our customers. The good old’ castle and moat approach, protecting the networks through an external perimeter is not helping anymore. Firewalls, VPN, and all integral components in ensuring security are far away from helping the sophisticated threats of today and tomorrow. The need for Zero Trust Model with Privileged Access Management is a must, not a luxury anymore.

Privileged access management can be the start to securing organizations with a zero-trust powered Identity Management solution.

Being aware of these facts we truly believe there is no better time than now.

What do you think is the rising technology demand in this industry especially?

Converged IAM solutions with both Access Management and IGA functionalities will be the rising technology demand soon. The increasing interdependence of IAM functions like IGA, Access Management, and PAM means that a customer must either buy multiple solutions, often from different vendors, at a higher total cost and with integration challenges, or choose a converged product that offers all in one suite. The latter is a much more intuitive answer.

What is your vision or roadmap for 2021 in terms of the Cross Identity-PTP Partnership?

Considering the ongoing effects of the pandemic, 2020 was a tough year. 2021 will most probably be the year where companies will try to recover from their losses. Until the end of 2021, we are planning to rebuild our team and win at least one customer that will extend our reach to the other countries in the region. Also, we would like to work harder on our pipeline to add customers from different business verticals.

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