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Centralize IAM and enable day-one access for all

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Today agility means keeping your competitive edge. The frantic pace in which business is conducted means that your organization needs to be as agile as possible or risk dropping the ball.

Unify directories

Swiftly integrate or consolidate dispersed SoTs into one powerful user store to handle all your identity and access related functions.

Automate manual IT processes

Automate on-boarding and account management, delivering prompt and secure access to your global workforce.

Secure all entities

Spot and respond to threats before they manifest with simple policy management and real-time reporting.

Boost IT efficiency

IT must manage access for an ever-growing and increasingly complex ecosystem as cloud applications proliferate the landscape. Seamlessly integrate cloud apps into SSO, Access Provisioning and Access Recertification, and Password Management so that workers are not encumbered by the weight of progressing technology.

Enhance workforce productivity

Businesses have seen a huge increase in the number of apps deployed in the recent years. This has compounded the old problem of password fatigue and tedious multiple sign-ons to multiple apps during a workday. Eliminate these complications with enterprise-class Single Sign-on to any app, ensuring a nimble workforce.

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