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Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless Authentication capabilities powered by blockchain technology

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Cross Identity (Formerly Ilantus) is proud to offer seamless Passwordless Authentication in collaboration with industry leader 1Kosmos. The solution is best-in-class and offers a myriad of features and benefits.

Passwords are old-world. Password fatigue is a real challenge, and passwords are much easier to compromise than other more modern authentication factors such as biometrics, QR codes, and tokens.

Passwordless Authentication enables your workforce to seamlessly sign into workstations, apps, and resources with secure authentication factors such as biometrics and QR codes. It eliminates the vulnerability of passwords – the attack vector for more than 80% of breaches today. It also enhances user experience by eliminating password fatigue and empowering users to login more easily.

Cross Identity’ Password Authentication utilizes the FIDO2 protocol. The FIDO2 standard is the basis for Window’s Hello, Mac OS Touch ID, and other biometric and security key-based systems. With FIDO2 support, Cross Identity supports all current and future authentication systems.

It sports the following features:

Many Authentication Factor Options

Login using Windows Hello factors, QR codes, security keys, mobile push with local biometrics, biometrics like finger, face, voice, eye or palm, smart cards and hardware tokens.

These factors are far better than passwords. Additionally, many of them are inherently multi-factor.
For example, a mobile push with local biometrics integrates “what you have” (your mobile) and
“who you are” (biometrics).

Seamless Integration

Out-of-the-box integrations not only for Windows but also for Unix servers, web applications, Mac
OS, and other custom logins.

Leverage the Power of Blockchain

Data is encrypted and replicated across multiple online servers in a blockchain, so there is no
centralized database and no single point of failure.

Quick Deployment

Creating a passwordless enterprise is far faster and easier than you might imagine. You can integrate the Passwordless Authentication Solution from Cross Identity with Active Directory in less than 30 minutes.

Cross Identity Passwordless Authentication offers the following benefits:

  • Vastly improved security
  • Enhanced user convenience
  • Significant immunity to exploitation
  • Reduced helpdesk costs