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Secure Web Access Management

Secure accesses by forcing authentication and authorization through Cross Identity

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Reduction in risk of a security breach resulting in regulatory fines

Secure Web Access Management For bidden access | Cross Identity

Insulate against forbidden access

The growing threat landscape and advanced compliance requirements mean you don’t want users logging in to apps and resources without involving an identity provider. It is critical that users access resources ONLY through a centralized authentication gateway. Direct access to the application should be forbidden.

Cross Identity seamlessly enables you to achieve this.

How it works

For SAML, OAuth/OIDC supported applications, all access attempts always get redirected through the software

For Legacy Web Applications that do not support any federation protocols, The software controls access through its Secure Web Application Access agent.

The agent intercepts access attempts from browsers or directly from apps and redirects the attempt through Cross Identity.

No change in coding required on target applications to integrate this product.

Products that complement Cross Identity Secure Web Access Management

Single Sign-On

Unified and centralized authentication to any application.

Context MFA

Define contextual access policies that assess risk factors, such as device, IP, network, location, etc., at each step of the authentication process.

Universal Directory

Store and manage identity and access data in a single repository. IAM rules and policies can be defined and managed within.