Access Recertification

Mitigate risk and stay compliant

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Keep users’ access updated

Its important to regularly review and adjust user access. Not only does it enhance your security posture, it cuts costs by freeing up software licenses and is necessary for compliance.

With Cross Identity Access Recertification, you can schedule Access Review Campaigns at your desired frequency.

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Stricter review policies mean better security

The campaigns follow a multi-level approval workflow, wherein a user’s access can require review from multiple authorities, such as managers and admins, before reaching a conclusion. Given the sheer numbers involved in access review campaigns, it is not uncommon for admins and managers to give in to fatigue and just approve everything. A multi-level approval workflow reduces the likelihood that an inappropriate access will make it through the recertification process.

Analytics-empowered recertification

Cross Identity Access Recertification hands admins and managers tools to make the right decisions. The software sports a powerful risk-engine that provides real time information such as the number of users with the same access (in the same role or in general), conflicts of interest, and more.

Automate to increase productivity and improve security posture

Cross Identity Access Recertification enables you to automate many events in the process. You can schedule campaigns to run automatically at specific intervals. You can also enable automatic deprovisioning based on the final result of a review.

Mitigate the risk of orphan accounts

Orphan accounts are those that are still active, but have no user assigned. These typically manifest when an employee changes roles or jobs or is terminated, and their AD account is terminated, but the account in the target app is not. Orphan accounts are an enormous security risk because, if compromised, bad actors can use the account freely without fear of detection, because they don’t show up as in-use during a normal workday. A compromised orphan account can be a multimillion-dollar breach because it can be used by bad actors for months and years without being detected.

Cross Identity Access Recertification identifies orphan accounts and promptly terminates them.

Access Recertification fulfils important compliance mandates

There are numerous regulatory mandates that necessitate an Access Recertification system, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GBLA). Both mandates require the enforcement of Segregation of Duties rules and the review and termination of inappropriate access. Only a solution like Cross Identity Access Recertification can fulfil this. It provides auditable reports with a single click.