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Xpress Password is a self-service, Enterprise Password Management product that enables users to reset their own password and directly reduce helpdesk dependencies.

Why Xpress Password

  • True Enterprise class password management product
  • Unique features include remote password reset with enhanced performance
  • Excellent models available for service providers to onboard a large number of customers on consumption model
  • Highly customizable to meet specific customer requirements

Best in class Enterprise Management for all users

Unleash the real efficiency of Enterprise Password Management with Seamless Password Sync, Password Reset and registration-free Password Management.

Registration Less Password Reset

A seamless experience for users where they can reset passwords in a secured manner without a mandatory registration to Xpress Password.

Roaming User Password Reset

Xpress Password can help users access self-service capabilities even from a locked-out workstation as it includes a CP Gina agent. It also offers the unique facility for users to reset password while travelling when they are not connected to corporate network.

Self-Service Password Reset

Self-Service Password Reset

Employ the most efficient system to change as well as reset passwords and unlock accounts through simple verification without Helpdesk dependencies.

Self-Service Password Reset with secured Multi-factor Authentication

Empower users to reset passwords and unlock accounts without assistance using multi-factor authentication.

Reset forgotten passwords or unlock accounts using secured verification options:

  • Challenge-Response Questions
  • Email OTP
  • Third-Party Soft-Token Apps
  • Biometric Integration
Self-Service Password Reset

Password Synchronization

Automatically update the passwords of all target applications after a password is changed or reset at a global or AD level.

Xpress Password

Reverse Password Synchronization

Automatically sync passwords to all target applications when a password is changed directly from the Active Directory.


Helpdesk Assisted Password Reset

Enable both the Helpdesk as well as respective Managers to reset passwords and clear lockouts when users need assistance.


Maintain One Identity

Use a unified account to access Single Sign-On, Access Requests/Approvals, and Password Management.

Secure Directory Integration

Authenticate with Active Directory or LDAP Directory

Seamlessly integrate with any complex Active Directory deployment, paving the way for a faster Password Management implementation.

LDAP Configuration feature in Xpress Password
Helpdesk can search users for Password Manamgent - Xpress Password

Helpdesk Assisted Password Reset

Password resets with assistance

Enable the Helpdesk team to reset end-user passwords with easy end-user verification methods from the Helpdesk.

Mobile App for Xpress Password

Users can experience Xpress Password on mobile as well. The application compatible with iOS and Android.

Reverse Password Synchronization
AD password sync from anywhere
Password change on Active Directory syncs the change across all target applications.

Maintain One Identity
Use a single, credential everywhere
Use the same user credential to single sign-on, reset/change passwords and request/approve accesses.

Analytics and Reporting
Consolidated View of Product Usage
Easy access to user adoption and password reset reports on a unified dashboard.