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Reduce helpdesk costs with seamless self-service password management

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Password Management Section 2 | Cross Identity

Powerful enterprise-class password management

Empower your admins and users with self-service password reset. It can be performed directly from the SSO dashboard. Cut helpdesk related costs. Increase helpdesk efficiency and solve pesky situations with helpdesk-assisted password reset.

Cross Identity integrates with AD or LDAP or even homebrewed directories with out-of-the-box connectors to HR systems like SAPHR and Peoplesoft. It also integrates with SaaS and on-premises apps, CSV files, and third-party identity providers.

Secured with multifactor authentication

Attain top-notch security with integrated multi-factor authentication. Reset forgotten passwords or unlock accounts using secured verification options:

  • Challenge-Response Questions
  • Email OTP
  • Soft-token

Password Synchronization

Increase admin efficiency with seamless forward and reverse password synchronization. Forward synchronization enables passwords on target applications to be reset or set from within Cross Identity’ all-in-one SSO, IGA, PAM and Password Management dashboard. Reverse password synchronization updates passwords in target applications when the AD password is changed. Password synchronization utilizes automation to free up admin time.

Roaming Password Reset

Enable users to reset passwords by themselves even from locked-out machines. The software also enables password reset while traveling and when not connected to a corporate network.

Password Management Section 3 | Cross Identity

Maintain One Identity

Use a unified dashboard to access Single Sign-On, Access Requests & Approvals, and Password Management. The dashboard can be set up for different user personas – from users to managers to admins. Each shows the optimal view for the type of user.

Analytics and Reporting

Download one-click auditable reports for all IAM related functions directly from the dashboard.


Cross Identity Password Management offers these benefits to your company:

  • Unified and centralized authentication to any application
  • Reduces helpdesk tickets
  • Frees up IT’s time and resources
  • Improves security posture

For employees and customers, it offers the following:

  • Quicker access to applications
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced frustration and better user-experience