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User Lifecycle Management

User Lifecycle Management
ULM section

Managing the identity and access lifeycle of users manually is not only a cumbersome, low-productivity process, but also a security risk because the accesses of employees often remain enabled in most businesses, even after they are terminated. Modifying accesses for employees during promotions or transfers is also troublesome. Cross Identity (Formerly Ilantus) is the most comprehensive answer to these challenges.

Simplify user access management

Manage lifecycles of all users

Cross Identity not only manages employees, but also partners, contractors, and vendors. Different types of users need varying levels of access to applications and systems.

Flexible Access Provisioning policies

Handle access provisioning for various type of users from one place. Set flexible policies for different groups/roles to grant and revoke access based on profiles, dates, inactivity, and more.

We support Role-Based Access Provisioning (RBAC) and Attribute-based Access Provisioning (ABAC) frameworks.

Integration beyond your HR source

You can even auto-provision and deprovision access to downstream third-party applications for customers, vendors, and partners through our robust integration network.

Self-service Access Request

Any ad-hoc access request for additional access can be managed through the Access Request workflow process.

Cross Identity supports a multi-level approver workflow.

Strengthen security

Manual provisioning and deprovisioning processes and patchworked scripts increase security risks. Protect against them with automation.

Flawless entitlement
With automation and provisioning integrations, you can seamlessly entitle the right apps to the right users and revoke access based on triggers from HR systems, IT resources like AD and LDAP, and more.

Non-repudiation for all transactions
Cross Identity enhances security posture by implementing a user lifecycle process with non-repudiation. The software logs and timestamps all lifecycle events and transactions.

Enhance productivity and reduce costs

Automate users and their access lifecycle management activities

Reduce the complexities around managing users’ access across multiple heterogeneous applications and systems

De-provision quickly and securely

Streamline auditing and compliance

Make audits quicker and easier with a centralized view of users and their account access

Cross Identity provides various IAM related reports and dashboards such as “which users can access which applications”, which users were recently deprovisioned, and more.


Birthright Provisioning

Save time and money and avoid confusion when Cross Identity automatically creates user accounts with entitlements for new employees in target applications.

Supports a multi-level approver workflow

Promotions and Transfers

Promotions and transfers maximize a business’ employee investments, but create overhead. Cross Identity increases agility by automatically manages access rights when an employee changes roles or jobs within your company.


Protect your business and comply with statutory regulations when Cross Identity automatically disables access to roles, apps, and entitlements as employees quit or are terminated.

Self Service Access Request

Employees often need to access new roles, apps or entitlements as they grow in their jobs, and their projects become more complex. Cross Identity lets them request this on the go

Multi-Level Request Approvals

A single person approving an app, role or entitlement request works for most low-risk apps. But what happens when access to an app also exposes a user to sensitive data or enables them to make high-impact decisions? In such situations, approval from multiple concerned parties is best. Cross Identity allows you to configure multi-level workflows for request approved.

Manager Approval

Managers can handle access requests intelligently with support from analytics and risk metrics.

Entitlement Management

Manage not only application account access, but also manage entitlements such as permissions, privileges, groups and application roles on target systems.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

Gain a multidimensional view of identity data in your company with Cross Identity’ advanced data mining and analytics.

•  Advanced data mining and analytics
•  Provides business context to information
•  Multidimensional views of identity data
•  Provides comprehensive user administration and governance information
• Customizable dashboards

Other products that synergize with Cross Identity User Lifecycle Management

Single Sign-On

Unified and centralized authentication to any application.

Context MFA

Define contextual access policies that assess risk factors, such as device, IP, network, location, etc., at each step of the authentication process.

Universal Directory

Store and manage identity and access data in a single repository. IAM rules and policies can be defined and managed within.