Identity and Access Management for Telecommunications


The telecom industry is always evolving and imbibing newer technologies – 5G, IoT, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, and the list goes on. The need to stay relevant, offer customers the best and latest from the industry is key to customer satisfaction.

However, in order to keep up with these advancements, an organization must be backed with the right resources and technologies to implement changes and stay secure.


In the wireless telecommunication industry, employees must have the tools to do their job seamlessly and parallelly, they have to cater to the needs of their customers with a rapid response time – It is necessary to strike this balance. Yet, due to the amalgamation of legacy and cloud applications in-house, employees struggle to use their applications efficiently.

Common Challenges | Cross Identity: Converged IAM Solutions for Enhanced Security
KEY CHALLANGES 1 | Cross Identity: Converged IAM Solutions for Enhanced Security
  • Login to multiple applications every single time making it a tedious task
  • Ensure credentials are unique leading to password fatigue
  • Overwhelmed with the number of passwords, employees resort to repeating them with minor tweaks – a major security loophole
  • The downtime in logging in to applications makes it harder to provide the best user experience
  • Due to the immediate need to cater to users or even access applications regularly, helpdesk assist demands are made at a high rate. This spikes the helpdesk costs and takes up valuable IT time demands for everyday tasks.
  • Imbibing security into their IT infrastructure and convincing stakeholders of such solutions is no easy feat either. In an Infosys study across telecom organizations across the US, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand – embedding security (74%), inadequate management support (64%), and keeping up with cybersecurity technologies (61%) are among the top three issues faced by telecom companies.
  • The cybersecurity landscape is indeed ever changing – even for bad actors. Nearly 43% of telecom companies suffered DNS-based malware in 2019. To add to the woes, 81% of them were indolent with their response time, according to EfficientIP’s report.
  • Insider threats are a constant issue. A lot of the C-suite is often under the radar of the bad actors, due to the nature of the accesses they hold. They could obtain access to SIM card data that open up possibilities of duplicating, reveal company or subscriber PII and so much more. Sometimes, insiders may even collude to perform such activities.

The number of problems surrounding the telecom industry might look overwhelming. Most cybersecurity solutions including Identity and Access Management might even seem exhausting for most people.


For a rapidly growing industry like telecom, you need a solution that can grow with you.


  • Cross Identity (Formerly Ilantus) comprehensive Identity and Access Management solution can integrate with n number of applications – be it enterprise or legacy.
  • With a single source of truth, managing user identities is made simple.
  • With a hassle-free Single Sign-On solution, users can access all their applications upon login – no more tedious task of handling passwords.
  • Makes users self-reliant with self-service capabilities for a password reset, account unlock, and more. This increases administrative efficiency by reducing helpdesk dependencies.
  • Automation of user lifecycle process covering onboarding of new users, user modification based on roles, and off-boarding of users. This cuts down the lengthy process of approval cycles for accesses that can be easily automated.
  • Simplified access approval workflows make approving and revoking accesses an easy task. This reduces the risks of accidentally letting access linger for too long or even keeping someone waiting on an important task due to lack of access availability.
  • Building capability to reconcile user access data from target applications. This allows them to perform business access reviews and certify accesses regularly as per the business roles and access policies.
  • Functional Support Services – Provide 24×7, security administration for apps and servers.


Seamless User Experience | Cross Identity: Converged IAM Solutions for Enhanced Security
High ROI | Cross Identity: Converged IAM Solutions for Enhanced Security
Rapid User Adoption | Cross Identity: Converged IAM Solutions for Enhanced Security
Internal and External Security | Cross Identity: Converged IAM Solutions for Enhanced Security
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Empowering Digital Transformation | Cross Identity: Converged IAM Solutions for Enhanced Security
Cross Identity

Cross Identity makes Identity and Access Management a more approachable, easily implementable solution. You could even start with SSO and Password Management and imbibe Governance and Administration capabilities as you grow.

Choose a solution that develops with you, adapts to the changing technology based on your needs, and allows you the freedom to cater to customers without getting tangled in security hassles.

Read how we solved the Identity Management challenges of a globally renowned wireless telecommunication company with Cross Identity here!

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