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Single Sign-On

Boost productivity and improve user-experience with best-in-class Enterprise Single Sign-On

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Easily Deploy Cloud | Cross Identity

Easily deploy cloud

Start your cloud environment with smooth connections to any app

Pre-built integrations

Cross Identity (Formerly Ilantus) provides best-in-class, Enterprise SSO to all cloud app. Get up and running in weeks, not months, and all without building and maintaining the integrations yourself. Choose from over 5000 apps or have us integrate an app for you. The turnaround time is very low. You can also build connectors yourself with our smart toolkit.

The software integrates with AD or LDAP or even homebrewed directories with out-of-the-box connectors to HR systems like SAPHR and Peoplesoft. It also integrates with SaaS and on-premises apps, CSV files, and third-party identity providers.

Patented thick-client and homebrew support

Cross Identity supports thick-client SSO utilizing patented technology. Other vendors require third-party integrations or utilize complex workarounds. This means severe downtime when things break down with a new update. Cross Identity thick-client SSO is the only and best of its kind.

You can also integrate homebrewed apps. You can do this yourself with our smart toolkit, or we can do it for you.

Smooth and secure access

We make access management easy

A unified control point

IT can view, manage, and secure all users’ access from one place.

Universal Directory integration

Cross Identity SSO seamlessly connects to and syncs from any number of identity stores including AD, LDAP, HR systems, and other third-party identity providers.

Adaptive security policies

Safeguard your business with consistent security policies that adapt to user behavior. Step-up authentication for high-risk access attempts, and make it easier for users within your company network to sign-on pain free.

Smooth and Secure Access | Cross Identity

Give your users the gift of privilege

Your users will love you when you reduce complexity and frustration and give them peace of mind.

Now they can use just one set of login credentials, just one time, to access all authorized resources. Other integrated products like self-service password reset, access requests, and setting up authentication factors can also easily be accessed from the same dashboard.

Streamline user access auditing

Stay compliant with audit-ready ‘who-has-access-to-what’ reports.

Obtain real-time data so IT can immediately troubleshoot single sign-on security issues. Reporting gives a deeper understanding of how your users are using your apps and where you have potential security risks.

Enjoy the superlative experience that is Converged IAM

Converged IAM is the latest and greatest technology to hit the market. More than 45% of new IAM deployments will be Converged by 2023. And Cross Identity is the leader.

Leverage the sheer power of synergy

Experience the pure potential of the industry’s only fully capable Converged IAM product. When Access Management and Identity Governance and Administration are combined into a single software, you can employ powerful features. These include better authentication when the software steps-up or steps-down authentication (AM) based on the list of entitlements assigned (IGA). The software can also step-up or step-down authentication (AM) based on the age of the last access review performed (IGA). Another feature is if a user performs multiple unsuccessful logins within a short time (AM), Cross Identity SSO can immediately initiate a micro-certification process (IGA). It can also initiate the recertification of an access (IGA) based on latent time since the last access (AM), and more.

Your employees will love you when they can single sign-on, manage passwords, manage authentication factors, and even initiate access requests, all from the same savvy dashboard.

Synergy is natural law, what’s the use in fighting it?

Other products that synergize with Cross Identity SSO

Context MFA

Define contextual access policies that assess risk factors, such as device, IP, network, location, etc., at each step of the authentication process.

Universal Directory

Store and manage identity and access data in a single repository. IAM rules and policies can be defined and managed within.