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Reduce IT Friction and
Increase Productivity

Minimize costs and cultivate org-wide innovation

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Streamline processes and save money

Centralize user management

Reduce complexity and gain visibility into who has access to what with our Universal Directory as a single source of truth. Reduce IT involvement by automating user lifecycle management and through continuous access governance.

Eradicate IT disruptions

Automate tedious tasks like provisioning, de-provisioning, and password. Instead, keep IT focused on high-value activities.

Easily deploy technology

Encourage business innovation by rapidly and securely deploying technology to all user groups.

Spare license costs

Automate de-provisioning to reduce spending on licenses, freeing up your budget for other business initiatives.

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Single Sign-On

Unified and centralized authentication to any application.

Context MFA

Define contextual access policies that assess risk factors during authentication.

Universal Directory

Store and manage identity and access data in a single repository.

User Lifecycle Management

Automate provisioning and de-provisioning for joiners, movers and, leavers