Identity and Access Management for Healthcare

In February 2020 alone, 1,531,855 records were breached across 39 healthcare data breaches according to the HIPAA Journal.

Unfortunately, data breaches aren’t the only causes for concern – there have been reports of computer viruses that can potentially even add tumors into CT scans.

Apart from the glaring need for Cybersecurity, there lies the need to stay compliant – Be it HIPAA, HITECH, ACA, or the TEFCA rules. These rules and regulations have provided guidelines on how to handle, access, share, deal, and store Electronic Health Information (EHI).

Yet historically, healthcare organizations have struggled with compliance due to cumbersome processes. The one answer to stay compliant without compromising on patient care, security, and privacy and efficiency is Identity and Access Management that is done smartly.

Here is an enterprise view of an ideal security ecosystem in the healthcare industry.
Healthcare Solutions - Cross Identity
Identity Centric Holistic Cybersecurity Solution

Healthcare organizations need a solution that can take care of their compliance and security needs, specifically in a way that ensures there is no compromise, delay or hindrance to patient care.

Most security solutions available today are focused on providing capabilities that will keep customers compliant on paper but ultimately result in a wide array of security loopholes and compliance issues, disparate records for audit and severe accessibility & efficiency issues. These solutions also often need an extensively prepared IT team with Cybersecurity and IAM knowledge and might require several weeks of training to use the product itself.

Pain Points

Cross Identity (Formerly Ilantus) has spent 20 years in the IAM domain and having catered to various clients in the global healthcare industry, we have witnessed huge issues that disconnected solutions can cause and have helped our customers overcome them with custom solutions that can cater to the specific demands of the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Centric Solutions
Key Features
  • Umbrella Service
  • Cloud Native
  • Multi-tenanted Service
  • Managed Threat Detection & Response
  • Secure Access to Sensitive Information
  • Robust Identity Governance & Administration
Key Advantages
  • One stop shop for product & services
  • Graded costing structure
  • 24×7 monitoring and visibility
  •  Actionable threat intelligence for quick action

Cross Identity can help you transform the security posture of your organization. Let us handle your compliance and security needs while improving the user experience while you take care of your responsibilities. Contact us to know more!

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