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Access Request

Implement analytics empowered seamless Access Request system

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Empower users with self-service Access Request

Enable users to request access to roles, applications, and entitlements on their own. Users can view various analytical information when they are requesting access, like whether their peers have such accesses, their chances of getting it approved and the average turnaround time for access to be granted, and more. This intelligent decision-making guidance increases the efficiency of what would normally be a frustrating mechanical process.

Access Request Section | Cross Identity

Intelligent multi-level approval workflow

A single person approving an application, role or entitlement request works for most low-risk apps. But what happens when access to an app also exposes a user to sensitive data or enables them to make high-impact decisions? In such situations, approval from multiple concerned parties is best. Cross Identity allows you to configure multi-level workflows for an application to be approved.

Manager Approval

Managers can intelligently handle access requests supported by analytics and risk metrics.

Delegated approval

Managers can delegate an approval request if they have too much on their plate or are not confident in taking the decision

Multiple approvals

In the case of high-risk access, the software can be configured to request approval from multiple persons

Increase productivity with automation

The entire access request workflow can be automated to whatever the desired degree. Access requests can be fulfilled automatically with a single click from an approving authority, or be configured to require manual involvement.