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Privileged Identity and Access Management

Pioneering a New Era of Privileged Identity Security

Privileged Identity and Access Management (PIAM) stands as the first comprehensive solution in managing the new spectrum of privileged users. Today’s privileged users aren’t limited to just IT infrastructure roles. They span across both cloud and on-premises environments and include those managing critical business applications.

Privileged Users Yesterday:

Primarily core IT infrastructure personnel managing on-premises systems.

Privileged Users Today:

Includes not only traditional IT staff but also those handling cloud infrastructure and critical business applications.

Despite constituting less than 20% of personnel, these users represent over 60% of cybersecurity risks. This disproportionate risk underscores the need for a comprehensive identity and access management solution specifically tailored for privileged users.


This shift means that a minority of users (less than 20%) now represent a majority of security risks (over 60%).

Privileged Users

PIAM addresses this gap, offering unparalleled protection and control over both on-prem and cloud-based systems. It’s not just about managing access; it’s about safeguarding the keystones of your organization’s digital infrastructure.


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