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Privileged Access Management

Secure Vault – Store privileged credentials in an encrypted centralized vault

Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Privileged accounts pose a unique identity management problem. How do you sufficiently protect your business’ critical assets when they must be accessed by partners, contractors, or other users on a temporary basis? How does one assign responsibility to these users when they are using accounts with elevated access? How does one record all actions performed within the accounts so that they may be reviewed in breach cases?

Cross Identity is proud to offer powerful Privileged Access Management (PAM) in collaboration with industry leader senhasegura.

The answer lies in Privileged Access Management.

Cross Identity PAM offers many capabilities, including:

PAM Core

Centralized access management, with the purpose of protecting and controlling the use of generic and high privilege credentials, providing secure storage, access segregation and full traceability of use.


A cloud-native password vault, protecting privileged credentials in managing, rotating password, auditing, and monitoring
privileged accounts.
Easily deployed, senhasegura SaaS automatically rotates credentials that administrators use to access critical systems across the organization, thus preventing bad access from negatively impacting your business.

Application Identity

It’s possible to delete credentials embedded in source codes, scripts and configuration files, making passwords managed by the solution and invisible to developers and IT support staff.

SSH Key Management

Secure storage, rotation and access control for SSH key protection.



DevOps promote a set of processes and methods for thinking about communication and collaboration between departments, focusing on rapid and continuous deployment, integration, delivery, and development.
All benefits obtained in the DevOps environment lead many organizations to reinforce the use of the concept for security reasons.
Designed for deployment across all environments, senhasegura solution focuses on the automation, agility and control required to make the whole environment secure.

Endpoint PAM for Linux

senhasegura.Go for Linux allows the execution of Run As function on local endpoints to execute applications that requires privileges.

Endpoint PAM for Windows

Allows the execution of Run As feature on local workstations to run applications that require privileges.

Cross Identity PAM also offers various architecture for fulfilling specific goals. Some of them are:

PAM Crypto Alliance

Appliance-based hardware solution with custom operating system and embedded proprietary database to ensure greater security and better solution performance.

PAM Load Balancer

Integrated load balancing solution, which monitors various aspects of senhasegura Cluster and performs the balancing of incoming connections in the application instances.

PAM Advanced Monitoring

Monitoring of senhasegura operation aspects and its components.
PAM 360: PAM 360º is an advisory process developed by senhasegura that identifies an organization’s maturity level in terms of privileged credential management.

  • Assessment 360º to evaluate the privileged access management process;
  • Top down approach starting from a broad view of business;
  • Based on best practices recommended by Gartner.


A maturity assessment model to assess how your company is on the journey towards Privileged Access Management, regardless of its industry or size. You can associate PAMaturity with your budgets, priorities in Information Security, and risk management models to understand exactly which controls to implement when using senhasegura as a PAM solution.

Privileged Change Audit

The Privileged Change Audit functionality is dedicated to protecting groups of devices and instantly auditing the changes made by users and/or machines, in order to ensure that the execution of the foreseen actions were and will be done correctly.