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Cross Identitys Cinches Security Innovation of the Year Award

KamiKaze Security Innovation award

On Friday Indian IAM vendor Cross Identitys announced that it had won the ‘Security Innovation of the Year’ award at the 2nd Martech Leadership Awards 2022, hosted by leading B2B conference organizer Kamikaze. The award was for Cross Identitys’ flagship Converged IAM product – CI.

The product is purportedly one of 3 only Converged IAM products in the market, which leading industry analysts have said is the ‘most fleshed out and capable of the 3’.

Converged IAM is the delivery of both key area within IAM – Access Management (AM) and Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) from a single platform built on a single codebase. It offers numerous benefits including much lower cost than purchasing AM and IGA separately and is projected to account for more than 70% of all new IAM implementations by 2025. In an industry that is projected to grow to…Read more