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Frequently Asked Questions about Partnership

Complete the Partner Request Form. A Partner representative will contact you soon there after.

We sell globally.

Yes. The Pay-per-Use model is an MSSP-ready IAM solution.

We work with Solution Providers, Distributors, MSPs, MSSPs.

  • Differentiate your practice with true Converged IAM
  • Provide an IAM alternative for midmarket customers
  • Recurring revenue on consumption based billing
  • MSSP model with high margins
  • OpEx model that reduces the sales cycle
  • Opportunities for Professional Services through Technical Certification Programs
  • No competition from OEM for implementation services or MSSP services
  • Partner consultative support for implementations

As a partner, you will have access to all the resources you need to sell and implement our solution including sales and presales training and tools, technical training and certifications, partner news and events, deal registration, discounts and margins. Active partners are eligible for leads and rebates.

CI can accommodate small and large user counts. Our sweet spot ranges from 250 -5000.

This is a good fit for midmarket customers who have not been able to afford complicated and expensive solutions. Fees are significantly lower than traditional subscription models.

This is our Pay-per-Use (PPU) subscription – the only one in the industry. This is based on usage not users. This means that your customers are only charged for what they use.

Customers purchase an annual subscription based on the number of user identities. The subscription fee is the minimum usage fee for the year. Usage is metered where customers are charged only for what is used. The minimum is an aggregate of what all users use.

Customers are invoiced for what they use over the minimum.

Based on the number of user identities, customers will have a maximum spend. This means that they will never be charged more than the maximum spend.

No. Customers can use as much as they need to. The limit is on how much they will be charged. Once they reach the maximum spend, they continue to use the solution without any further charges.

Billing dashboards calculate usage. Cross Identity and the partner can track the usage. When the minimum is reached, Cross Identity bills the partner for the customer’s usage. The partner pays Cross Identity. The partner follows their own billing process with their customers.

Yes. We are always available to provide demo support.

We offer presales training which includes demo training. During our technical training, we provide a CI tenant. Post training, we will provide active partners with a demo tenant and continue to work with our partners until they are comfortable on their own.

Certified partners (partners who have resources who complete our certification program) can lead the PoC with supervision and support from Cross Identity. For non-certified partners, Cross Identity will work with the partner to determine if a POC or a trial fits the request.

Partners can be trained to implement the solution. If a partner prefers not to implement, Cross Identity can recommend a certified partner to handle the implementation.

Yes. We offer support packages to resolve issues during implementation. Packages are based on the number of hours you need for support-24, 48 or 60 hours. Selection is based on IAM expertise and IT bandwidth.

It includes problem resolution remote sessions with a certified Technical Support Engineer.

Yes. We include Courtesy Support to answer implementation questions through email.

We have the following technical certification programs: CI Associate Certification (learn how to implement the solution) (~30 hours) and CI Professonal Certification (advanced training in connector development and more) (~30 hours).

Partners need to complete the qualification criteria after completing the technical training program.

We have a comprehensive repository of sales and marketing documents that include brochures, datasheets, customer success stories, email campaigns, social media suggestions, videos, technical documentation.

Partners are given access to our Partner Portal and Sales&Marketing Hub. All material is downloadable.

Yes. We encourage you to invite us into customer webinars to speak, to demo – to do whatever you need for a successful customer experience.

Our Partner Managers are dedicated to your success. They will coordinate any support you need. They will encourage you to bring us in early to any opportunity so that we help you convert the lead into a win. We don’t sign up partners and leave them on their own. We are there every step of the way until you decide otherwise.