Interview with our Partner, Network Science
Know our Partner | Cross Identity

1. Please give us a brief overview of Network Science.

Network Science is a Global Market Accelerator for DeepTech Start-ups. We are on a mission to build unicorns and take DeepTech to world scale. We are co-creating innovation with Global Enterprises using AI, ML, Robotics, IOT, AR, VR, Blockchain technologies in the domains of Cyber Security, Cloud, FinTech, SalesTech, LogisticsTech and Industry 4.0.

We currently represent 12 disruptive, patented and innovative solutions that operate in business-critical areas and solve some unique world challenges. These platforms have a striking relevance in the current scenario when businesses are going through challenging times. Our offerings address issues at the highest level and are creating a big societal, industrial and environmental impact.

2. Could you tell us why you chose to partner with Cross Identity?

At Network Science, we are working with our enterprise clients to solve some real-world challenges. Cyber Risk is a priority for most. In our cyber security portfolio, we have category creating solutions like “Cyber Risk Quantification from John Chambers backed Safe Security – which is predicting the likelihood of cyber breach” and “Dark Web Monitoring” from Y-combinator backed Cyble. To complement these solutions, we were looking for a new age IAM solution which is changing the way enterprises conduct Identity Management. Glad that we could find and partner with Cross Identity.

3. What do you think are the pain points in the IAM industry today, and how do you wish to address them?

As we all know, Cyber Security is on top of the list for at least 50% of global CEOs. As per the recent “global risks report 2020” published by the World Economic Forum; data fraud, thefts and cyberattacks were identified as one of the top 10; both, in terms of likelihood and impact. Advancements in IAM (Identity and Access Management) solutions is critical to reduce the likelihood and impact. However, the current solutions are too complex, siloed and prone to exploitation by the hackers. With the rapid adoption of SAAS applications, there is a dire need to change the IAM strategy. We are glad that Cross Identity has taken a pioneering effort towards this.

With CI, we see Cross Identity making a big move to simplify and effectively solve the issues in the IAM industry.

4. How do you see the collaboration with Cross Identity as making a difference in the IAM space?

Europe is at the cusp of a major cyber security overhaul. During the pandemic, this region saw 2 more cyber-attacks than usual. The impact these attacks have created have been devasting for societies, industries and governments. Hence, recently, the EU has now announced that cyber-attacks are now to be considered a national security issue. We believe that the Network Science – Cross Identity partnership will be able to provide a credible option for EU enterprises that look for a unified, real-time, comprehensive and converged IAM solution.

5. What are your biggest strengths that you want to bring to the collaboration with Cross Identity?

Our strengths are never in silos. Network Science, by itself, cannot create a big positive impact and likewise, it is difficult for our portfolio companies to do so by themselves. Ours is a uniquely collaborative culture. Our strength is in our portfolio, the ecosystem we build, the collaborations we do and the joint impact we create. While Cross Identity brings in its patented and well recognised IP on converged IAM, Network Science works closely with the global enterprises to evaluate, design, implement this innovation and reap business benefits.

This collaboration brings out the following strengths:

  1. Entrepreneurial Spirit – Our network of geo experts is across various markets including the UK & EU. We are a team of Deep Tech enthusiasts who thrive on the possibilities we envision for tomorrow. Our entrepreneurial spirit & passion pushes us to deliver the best services with unmatched perseverance.
  2. Analytics Based Approach – Through our analytical & data-driven approach, we guarantee visible results to clients. By analysing responses to various campaigns, we bring revolutionary Deep Tech solutions to the world. The most promising pioneers in the technology space are connected with leading organizations to create change.
  3. Driven by Innovation – Cross Identity and Network Science are driven by innovation. We focus on the innovation that delivers results far beyond the traditional methods.

6. What do you think is the rising technology demand in this industry?

More than 50% of the world’s population is now online, with roughly one million people going online for the first time each day, and two-thirds of the global population own a mobile device. While digital technology is bringing tremendous economic and societal benefits to much of the global population, issues such as unequal access to the internet, the lack of a global technology governance framework and cyber insecurity all pose significant risk. The digital nature of 4IR technologies makes them intrinsically vulnerable to cyberattacks that can take a multitude of forms—from data theft and ransomware to the overtaking of systems with potentially large-scale harmful consequences. Operational technologies are at increased risk because cyberattacks could cause more traditional, kinetic impacts as technology is being integrated into the physical world, creating a cyber-physical system.

Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure have become the new normal across sectors such as energy, healthcare and transportation. Such attacks have even affected entire cities.

Public and private sectors alike are at risk of being held hostage. Organized cybercrime entities are joining forces, and their likelihood of detection and prosecution is estimated to be as low as 0.05% in the EU. Cybercrime- as-a-service is also a growing business model, as the increasing sophistication of tools on the Darknet makes malicious services more affordable and easily accessible for anyone.

Numerous initiatives are needed to bring together businesses and governments to build trust, promote security in the cyberspace, assess the impact of cyberattacks and assist victims.

7. What is your vision or roadmap for 2021 in terms of the Cross Identity partnership?

Our vision for 2021 is to bring Cross Identity’ solutions to least 100 EU companies. We want these global enterprises to see for themselves the advancement that has happened in the IAM space and that they no longer must purchase 7 different, siloed solutions but can go for a unified, comprehensive and converged IAM solution to reduce costs, risks, improve visibility and get more control.

8. Do you have a quote that we can use from you – or quote you from one of the answers above?

“Cross Identity and Network Science are driven by innovation. We focus on the innovation that delivers results far beyond the traditional methods.”