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Trial Type
1. Standard Trial

The vast majority of product trials in the World are of this type. Here you get the software with nothing configured and with no data. This practice is reasonable given that you will need to specify the applications you will be connecting to, your specific users and groups and the access permissions your users have. Besides, you will specify the workflows, which are largely unique to your business.

Such trials are ideal if the decision to buy has already been made, or if you want to experience the initial setup as well.

This type of trial has one significant disadvantage for someone who wants to do a test drive – configuring the system takes time and effort while also requiring technical help in some cases. We suggest you opt for the ‘Configured Trial’ if you want to try us out without having to configure the system.

2. Configured Trial

A unique trial and an industry-first, the configured trial is more than a demo setup. You get your own dedicated instance on the cloud, pre-configured with a small number of applications. All you’ll need to do is log in as the administrator, create one or more users, and start using the solution immediately. The trial comes with a time-limited version of Office 365 and ServiceNow, as well as some common Web applications, with which you can experience the benefits of CI in a few hours.

You can optionally connect to your organization’s Active Directory, import users and groups, as well as configure other connectors and proceed with an even more extensive trial.

Finally, when you decide to purchase CI, post the trial, you just continue to use the same instance! You do not need to start again as you do not get a shared demo – this is your instance to try out as you want to.

Note that O365 and ServiceNow that are part of this configured trial are limited and public evaluation versions – do not store any corporate or sensitive data here. You will need to reconfigure these to point to your licensed versions – after the trial.