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The Throat (Vishuddhi) Chakra

The Throat (Vishuddhi) Chakra


The Throat (Vishuddhi) Chakra is located in the throat and is responsible for self-expression. It is a masculine chakra and projects energy out into the world. It is the root chakra for the spirit (the root chakra is responsible for your body’s expression in the world, and the throat chakra for your spirit’s.) It’s element is aether (this, according to ancient texts from around the world, is the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere.)

Singers who influence you, public speakers that inspire you, and politicians that convince you, all have powerful and healthy throat chakras. The color of this chakra is light blue. It is responsible for the functioning of the thyroid gland.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Ask yourself: are you sharing your truth with others? Are you confident in your communication abilities? Are you comfortable in speaking the truth at all times, and not sugar-coating what is real? Are you capable of being honest with yourself?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, your throat chakra is likely healthy and in a state of balance.

Wellness of Your Throat Chakra Has Profound Implications

Is anyone going to know who you really are, from now until the day you die? Or will you pass through life an unknown quantity, always present in peoples’ lives but never fully ‘there’? Will you live your life always expressing what you really think and how you really feel, or will the world know only a garbled version of it?

It takes courage to express yourself honestly. To say what you need to say and to say what’s true for you, not just what others want to hear.

In ancient hindu texts and in the school of yoga, it is understood that the origin of the universe is the sound, ‘aum’. The bible says, ‘in the beginning, there was the word.’ Even the super-string theory in modern quantum physics posits that the universe came from a single sound, and that sound branched out into different ones which became our different dimensions and realities. So, to say that the throat chakra is important is an understatement. It represents individual creativity and expression, in the same note but on a different scale as, the creation of the universe. This is why the throat is a higher chakra, it holds the power of manifestation within it, and can profoundly influence our individual and collective reality.

Diagnosing the Throat Chakra

Through your words you can influence the world and its people. You can inspire love, hate, and jealousy, among other things.

A blocked throat chakra results in a quiet, stifled voice. If it does happen to be loud, it will be hoarse. If it is blocked you will not be able to express your truth to others; you will be afraid of expressing how you really feel.

A healthy throat chakra results in being able to express your authentic thoughts and feelings. The world might not appreciate it, but you will love yourself for being honest.

An overactive throat chakra results in babbling, controlling conversations too much, and not allowing others to talk freely.

Healing and Balancing the Throat Chakra

To heal the throat chakra you need to find your true voice again. Participate in group therapy that forces you to share your truth out loud to many people. Go ahead and try your hand at some public speaking; volunteer as a speaker for your community’s next event

You can also keep a paper journal, spending 20 minutes everyday writing down your thoughts and feelings. Get it in touch with what you want to say, and what you want the world to hear from you.

Additionally, like with all chakras, meditation can have a profound and healing effect. Simply sit for a while until your thoughts quieten and your consciousness becomes pure and alert. Then, focus your intent on your throat area, and simply stay there with gentle focus. The light of your consciousness will bring the necessary transformation and healing.

In Conclusion…

The throat chakra reflects the universal reality within the individual. Just as sound was at the root of the entire universe, so your verbal self-expression is at the root of your life. It is critical to creating your reality, and to whether or not you ever really get to know yourself – through others truly knowing you. A blocked throat means that you will go through life unexpressed; your soul will not know itself as reflected in the light of others. It will remain in hiding. It is spiritual death.

Meditate on the throat chakra and go to some therapy sessions which force you to verbally share your truth with others. This will heal and balance it and bring the necessary transformation.

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