Cross Identity

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A human being is a complex organism. The complex cellular structure, its integration with other cellular elements is undonbtabhy the greatest interest of scientists. Scientific quest for exploration of a human physical system has taken us increasingly into more gramlate & microscopic elements, till the discovery of “Boson”, also called “God Particle”. The scientific search is making us ask “where will this search end”, & more import “what is the most basic building block of life & universe “. This is the ultimate quest of science. Interestingly the “Spiritual science” begins with this discovery. “Consciousness” (The most common way to describe) has long been described as the most basic element of all living & beingness. The entire journey to so-called “enlightenment” is to discover & experience “Consciousness” & then go beyond holding the discovered thread.

While rest of life has been a great experience for me, the quest to discover “consciousness” & then go beyond has made my, this life truly meaningful. Through thousands of hours of meditation reading & meeting many enlightened masters, I have been blessed with a state that seldom finds.

Through this section I would be sharing some of my discoveries for without sharing true value of anything is seldom achieved.