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The Root (Muladhar) Chakra

Muladhara chakra


The root chakra is situated at the base of the spine. It is a red, spinning disc of pranic energy (qi or mana). Responsible for your physical being in the world, its purpose is also to provide energy to the other 6 chakras.

It is a masculine chakra. This means that, while it receives energy from chakras in your left and right foot (a seemingly feminine phenomenon), it also sends physical energy out into the world and up into the other chakras. Its element is earth.

Your sense of physical presence in the world, and your physical wellbeing and vitality, are both governed by your root chakra. If it is weak, maligned, or blocked, you will suffer frequent bouts of sickness. You will feel physically diminished, and you will not be able to translate your mind and emotions physically. A healthy and strong root chakra means physical wellbeing, strength, and vitality.

To Feel Secure, Strengthen Your Root

The root chakra is responsible for your sense of security in the world (both physical and financial.) It is tied deeply to your basic survival needs. If you are always short on rent, or struggling financially, or otherwise feel physically threatened by your environment, this chakra may become weak. Conversely, if you are financially stable, and have a comfortable physical life away from hustle and bustle and away from physical threats, this chakra will become strong.

Too Much isn’t a Good Thing

A chakra may be ‘blown open’, or, in other words, overactive. An overactive root chakra is characterized by aggressiveness, anger, and irritability. This means that there is too much energy and the chakra is spinning too fast. This typically happens when one indulges too much in alcohol and drugs which add excessive and impure fire energy to your system.

Biology of the Root

The root chakra corresponds with the adrenal gland, which is responsible for the ‘fight or flight’ response (which is vestigial; an adaptive response to physical threats such as being hunted by a predator, but now responds to stress.) In fact, most people’s fight or flight response is out of balance due to the hectic and stressful nature of modern life. Traffic, deadlines at work, and angry bosses all contribute. There is too much adrenaline running through our bodies. This expresses itself as a continual overestimation of the threat level of our environment, leaving us feeling insecure and nervous most of the time.

Balancing and Healing the Root

There are numerous things you can do to balance and heal your root chakra. The chakra is all about empowerment and feeling strong. You are responsible for creating your reality. People who feel like victims or that they are not in control of their lives have weak root chakras. An attitude shift from feeling that you are a  victim towards understanding that you are responsible for your own reality will heal your root chakra and strengthen it.

You can exercise more to heal this chakra. The chakra is directly connected with our physical wellbeing. Having better physical health positively impacts it. Exercise 3-4 times per week for 45 minutes per session at a minimum.

Conversely, it is important to relax after exercising too. Get massages, take epsom salt baths, and stretch often.

Meditating with red gemstones like garnets, jaspers, or rubies, or carrying them on your person through the day, can also empower this chakra.

‘Get Real’ and Surround Yourself With People Who Possess Strong Root Chakras

It is important to ‘get real’ with yourself. Root chakra weakness is characterised by denial. Work 8 hours every day. Taking care of your basic financial needs is important for strengthening and balancing the root. But don’t overwork yourself.

You may interact with people that have strong roots. If you surround yourself with lazy people that have financial troubles, the chakra will be negatively influenced and the quality of its energy will become poor.

And, as with all chakras, meditating on it is one of the most powerful ways of healing it. From a place of gentle mindfulness, simply pay attention and ‘become one’ with your root chakra. The light of your consciousness and soul can directly heal it.

In Conclusion…

It is a matter of intent. If you make the necessary changes in your life and meditate on the root , it will heal and strengthen over time. You can then enjoy physical vitality, better health in your other chakras as well (as the root chakra is responsible for energising them), and a strong physical presence in the world which is characterized by a sense of security and stability.