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The Identity And Access Management Solution, You Need, Is Here!

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM), this domain has evolved massively over the last two decades. It is a domain that combines people, policies, and technologies to ensure security. It has seen strides of advancement, yet, in the race to provide the most high-tech solutions, the factor which matters the most is forgotten—the people factor.

In a previous blog, we addressed the very need for IAM. IAM is meant to provide secure solutions to people. To prevent businesses from external threats, to secure identities from becoming targets of attacks like phishing, credential stuffing, etc. and to ensure the right employees have the right access at the right time. Essentially, to maintain security while promoting productivity.

Today, the solutions have become complicated, with endless implementation hours, multiple products from multiple functionalities and thoroughly expensive.

The larger organizations have their fair share of troubles due to this. But, they still manage to acquire complex solutions and maintain their security and compliance requirements.

But, the ones who have taken the brunt of this are mid-market organizations.

The distress of mid-market 

The Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) comprise the majority of the economies in most countries, but, at the same time, they are ill-equipped to defend themselves from security breaches. This puts them in a high-risk situation.

Cisco’s 2018 SMB Cybersecurity Report found that 53% of mid-market companies in 26 countries experienced a breach.

The companies who experience these security breaches, more often, are not in a position to defend themselves or even recover from it. The Cisco report also shows that the financial damage in 54% of cyber-attacks exceeds $500,000.

What does this tell us?

Mid-market organizations must have provisions to obtain Identity and Access Management solutions.

These organizations, most of the time, do not have adequate IT support, especially not the one which would be available 24/7. The accesses are not as streamlined as they need to be. ‘Who has access to what’ is a blurry line when they are not streamlined, systematically.

Most of their apps would be available for use on personal devices, which makes it an easy target for hackers without the right security measures in place. And moreover, mid-market organizations have more adoption of cloud applications, which if not secured with the compliant solutions, are very prone to access risk.

CI, IAM for all 

Cross Identity understands this predicament and has always strived to hold the people and security factors above all else. Keeping this as the objective, Cross Identity brought in CI.

A complete cloud Identity and Access Management solution, which provides Access Management, Identity Governance, and Administration solution in one comprehensive solution. The product has been well received in the industry, comprising of organizations of all sizes.

Most importantly, it has three key characteristics

  • Simplicity- you don’t need high technical expertise to understand it
  • Easy to implement- the implementation can be done even by a non-technical person
  • Affordable- an IAM solution of this magnitude has never been this easy to acquire

This offer is for a limited time, but the features are not limited in any way. The product comes with a complete array of IAM features.

KuppingerCole, a leading Identity and Access Management analyst, named Cross Identity as an Innovation Leader in their Leadership Compass. They said Cross Identity is an ideal choice of IDaaS for organizations that are looking to start their IAM journey without significant effort and investment.

Try it yourself

Do you want to try the product before you commit? You could do that with our free trial and sign up for our 30-days. This trial is available in two ways, standard and configured (where we pre-configure the applications, specifically for you).

For your assistance, we have contextual guided help throughout your experience with CI, which will assist you from one step to the next. If you have queries at any point of time during your trial, we have dedicated helplines set up.

The trial lets you have an end to end experience of Identity and Access Management. From access management features like Single Sign-On, Password Management to advanced Governance and Administration features like orphan account management, access reviews, and so much more.

You simply have to sign up, and the product is all yours from the get-go.

What are you waiting for?

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