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The Golden Triangle of IAM

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There are three key dimensions that are extremely important for the success of any IAM solution. Any identity and access management solution must ideally be built on the three solid pillars of Simplicity, Completeness, and Inexpensiveness. Sadly, most products on the market today fall short on not just one but all 3. Here’s how Cross Identity is different.

Simplicity is Sublime

 In the world of technology, it goes without saying that simplicity is always preferred than feature-loaded yet complex systems. When systems break down, simple products are easier to repair than complex ones. User experience for simpler products is also typically much better, as less effort needs to be applied to get something done. This is one reason for which uncomplicated IAM is superior.

Another thing that should be straightforward is the underlying code. Complex code is hard to build upon and integrate with other apps and systems. Since IAM solutions typically need to be integrated with various environments and enterprise apps, they should be built with simple code. Most products on the market today have complex code, particularly the ‘big guns’ from companies like Oracle and IBM. In fact, this style of architecture and framework is monolithic, which makes developing ad-hoc features and app integrations much harder or sometimes even impossible.

Lastly, IAM staff are hard to find and even harder to retain owing to a skill shortage. Small and medium businesses are hard-pressed to have competent staff on hand. So, solutions must be operable by ordinary IT admins and managers. They must be simple enough that even the least savvy of ordinary professionals can handle them, make changes, and make small repairs with ease. Unfortunately, most products today lack simplicity and are present challenges in installation, operations and ultimately limited user adoption.

Completeness is Competence

 In the world of IT, the completeness of an offering is critical. IAM is a set of essential technologies. It consists of Access Management, which further consists of Single Sign-on and Password Management. IGA is another dimension which consists of Identity Governance and Administration. There is a common element that each of them deals with – identities. They interact with your Active Directory and HR database to secure and streamline identity related functions.

It is important that your IGA and Access Management products be one and the same, and that both are available with full capabilities. If you are getting SSO from one product and IGA from another, there is a risk of these systems not talking to each other the way they should. Typically, vendors offer one component, and have integrations with a partner product offering the missing ends. This is a problem for 2 reasons: the cost is much higher, and development and repairs in one product do not immediately translate into the other. This results in frequent system breakdowns and integration challenges.

You want an IAM solution like Cross Identity which offers all IAM technologies in one package, built from a common source code. The solution has sufficient depth to offer everything that most businesses need to secure themselves and improve productivity.

Inexpensiveness is Important

 Let us face it. IAM belongs to the domain of cybersecurity, which is necessitated by something that is a plague. Cybercriminals are the very reason this domain exists, and it exists to do something basically right and good: protect. Why then, should it be a luxury market? Why should products cost an arm and a leg and be affordable only to those with luxury budgets?

It ought to be available to all as needed, at a very reasonable price. Rampant profiteering from solutions built to protect against criminals might be capitalistic, but it weakens the domain itself. When organizations have to pay too much or can’t afford the solutions, they become victims of bad-actors. In an ideal world, cybercriminals would not exist, and, in fact, cybersecurity would not be required.

You must find an economical solution that does not cost too much while offers innovative, comprehensive set of features. Cross Identity is the most competitively priced product on the market, uniquely positioned to serve midmarket organizations. And, with the low cost, you still get state-of-the-art technology that is always one step ahead of hackers. It can be implemented very quickly, within just few weeks, providing significant cost savings in terms of time and effort.

A complete product which is expensive or complicated is burden in more ways than one.

It starves your business of budget for real business operations. Complicated products are also difficult to implement, handle, and integrate with other solutions. The user experience is dismal resulting in extremely low levels of user adoption and added costs to the organization.

On the other hand, an inexpensive or simple product which is not complete is also not worthwhile. You need cutting edge technology built on the latest frameworks that protects you in every possible way, or your business could go down in ruins within months after a breach. Price is not everything.

So, you want a product like Cross Identity Cross Identity, which sits dead center in the Golden Triangle of IAM. It is simple to install, operate, and maintain. It is, in fact, built with mid-sized businesses in mind in that it can be handled perfectly even by untrained staff.

It is also one of the very few comprehensive IAM offerings on the market, including everything from SSO and Password Management to IGA in full flavor, while being highly competitive price-wise in comparison to other products in the market.

Get in touch with us to understand how Cross Identity might be the best fit for your organization’s security needs.

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