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The critical difference between Allowing and Attracting

The critical difference between Allowing and Attracting

The idea of “attraction” have been given a lot of attention in recent years.

Perhaps a better idea is ‘allowing’ rather than ‘attracting’.

The universe is infinite and is already giving us what we need. We think we know better, and are not in a receiving space and hence we do not get it. There is no need to ‘’attract’’ – we must just allow.

When we talk about ‘’attraction’’ we try to create a specific outcome. By thinking this way, we act upon our preconceived notions.

Perhaps you want a new car – a middle-market Honda. What if the universe really feels you should have a Mercedes? By allowing we can meet the universe and accept the Mercedes. By attracting we just get a Honda!

More positive coincidences occur when you are in a state of allowing rather than attracting. The universe has infinite time and energy to expand on each person. By attracting we spend our own time, energy and resources on trying to get what we want – which may or may not be the right thing for us. By allowing we instead carry on with our lives, and receive what benefits us most without doing a thing.

If you realize that the ‘tapestry of time’ has already been woven, you realize that everything that could happen within your life is already available. Instead of thinking about what you want – when you allow the universe to think for you-you get the highest version of what is available to you.

What you need is always less than what you ought to have – for you are a magnificent being of the highest order and your life should be an expression of the infinite and not a small causal vessel within it.

Your only task is to be one with yourself and the universe. By doing so you become transparent. In your transparency, you become an expression of the infinite and of your boundless self.

Allowing creates a space within which the most complete version of yourself can actualize. By attracting, you limit yourself and the world around you to the causal stream of repeating impressions.