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Sushi is one of the most beloved foods of many people around the world today

Sushi is one of the most beloved foods of many people around the world today

Sushi is one of the most beloved foods of many people around the world today. A Japanese dish made primarily with ingredients like rice, seaweed, and raw seafood, sushi has become a worldwide phenomenon today and innovative fusion recipes such as the California Roll (crab, avocado and cucumber wrapped in rice and seaweed) are very popular in many restaurants.

The Broadway Gourmet Theater in HSR Layout, Bangalore, is one of the better sushi restaurants in Bangalore. The restaurant sports 3 different floors for seating (indoor, outdoor, and covered terrace) and has a warm yet upscale ambiance. They offer multicuisine fare including Indian, Continental, Asian (fusion), and Sushi. But, fear not, as far as the quality of the sushi offerings goes, the stereotype of multicuisine restaurants offering variety but less refined food does not apply. When it comes to variety, authenticity, taste, and presentation, this restaurant offers some of the best sushi in the city.

Broadway offers all the different sushi types: sashimi (raw seafood without anything else), nigiri sushi (seafood atop a lump of rice), and maki (dishes of seafood and other ingredients like cream cheese, mayonnaise, or hot sauce) with variety comparable to any top sushi restaurant in the country. The price point is surprisingly low for the variety and quality of the offerings, with 8 pieces of maki costing between 350-600 rupees while iconic sushi restaurants in Bangalore like Shiro cost 600-800 rupees for the same quantity but with inferior flavor.

We tried a few of the maki offerings in Jan 2020, and they were made with excellent ingredients and skilled sushi craftsmanship. The California maki was a 7.5/10 in taste and quality and well worth the purchase. The salmon, avocado, and cream cheese maki was a 6.5/10 primarily due to the cream cheese not being chilled or of high quality but was still a good dish. The star of the show was the crispy soft-shelled crab maki (soft-shelled crabs are harvested just after they molt their exoskeleton and so can be eaten whole instead of after painstakingly removing the shell). The taste and fry on the crab were simply outstanding, as was the overall flavor of the roll. The reasonably priced chocolate eclair dessert (just Rs.120 for a decent sized eclair) was also rather noteworthy as it had flawless taste and texture, and the quality of the chocolate used contradicted the dish’s small price tag). 

So, if you are feeling daring, are simply looking for some sushi, or are an absolute sushi lover, in all 3 cases, The Broadway Theater restaurant in HSR Layout Bangalore is a must visit. A little out of the city, it is well worth even a long drive. Our rating for the sushi in this restaurant is a solid 8/10 compared to other offerings in Bangalore (while our rating for the far more popular Shiro in UB City barely scrapes a 6/10). The restaurant’s ambiance, waiting staff, and general dining experience are also on the better side, scoring a solid 7/10 from us. Definitely check this place out if you are in the area or are looking for some excellent sushi.