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SSO for BPO/ Call Centres

A BPO or a Call Centre typically serve many customers. Each customer has many applications and such accesses are passed on to the agents that work for them. Owing to security and compliance reasons, many customers do not want credentials divulged to the agents.

Each business has a set of apps that need to be accessed when agents are attending to callers. Oftentimes agents need to access more than 10 applications when assisting callers. The large number of calls handled by agents creates quite a task in remembering credentials for each app. Not surprisingly users forget passwords. This results in multiple calls to the helpdesk for password resets and account unlocks. Users suffer a decrease in productivity, and this increases the overall operational cost of the organization.

Our Single Sign-On solution helps agents in BPOs and call-centers to sign-on with only one login to all apps (web based or thick-client). Our solution sports a feature called ‘auto log-in’ through which all app icons pop up on the agent’s screen without any login to the apps. This is secure solution that also cuts costs by saving the agents’ time. The “SSO to any app” feature helps in handling even the most complex apps.