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Get IAM for Microsoft Azure AD!

Complete your Microsoft Azure AD experience with deep governance

As you scale up your use of Azure AD, it is essential that the access to these applications are governed and  administration is made seamless.

Architecture of Cross Identity and Azure AD integration

With CI integrated with your Azure AD instance, you can –

Automate User Lifecycle Management and unify access

Enforce and demonstrate continued compliance without gaps

Experience unconditional flexibility to connect to systems and update accesses

Life-cycle Management and Provisioning

Automation done right with the right access, given at the right time.

  • Provide access to cloud and on-premise applications seamlessly based on intelligent business rules by using user attributes such as role, geography or job profile which increases productivity while ensuring security.
  • Automatically provision access to every asset for your user on DAY ONE, which is automatically added to the user’s Microsoft Access Panel.
  • Ensure Azure AD users have appropriate access and fine-grained entitlement level provisioning and de-provisioning which are granted through advanced connector framework.
  • Redefine accesses as the user moves through their life-cycle, be it a joiner or a leaver, thus ensuring continuous security and compliance.

Access Review and Certification

Business-friendly access certifications are not only compliant but also secure.


With flexible access certifications, allow access reviews that are tailored to the business or compliance needs. This begins with visibility: leverage information you need to effectively make decisions about users’ access.


Organize granular, entitlement-level access in certification campaigns with customizable entitlement names. Make logical groups of access according to business roles.


Hassle-free certification eliminates users’ tendency to rubber-stamp access certifications. Such business-friendly access certifications are not only compliant but also secure.

Password Management

Extend Azure’s single sign on capabilities with powerful password management solutions.

Synchronize passwords
Synchronize passwords across the whole array of connected systems, on-premise as well as cloud.
Azure AD users
This means Azure AD users can manage passwords on systems such as mainframes (RACF), Linux, SAP, ServiceNow, Oracle, Workday, databases such as MySQL, or any of the other types of systems that can be connected to Cross Identity

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