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Identity and Access Management for Financial Services

Financial institutions deal with sensitive information. They need to be alert at all times, besides being audit-ready. This requires the right technology and a company-wide culture of compliance.

An IDAM program that provides all the features even as it simplifies user-adoption is often a good choice. Seamless user adoption is the real measure of success for security technologies.

Organizations that provide financial services require certain factors to be in control. These factors include compliance requirements, data security and integrity as well as employee productivity that helps them provide the best services to their customers.

  1. Productivity without compromising on access security
  2. Ensuring internal threats and external threats are at bay.
  3. Managing an array of on-premises, hybrid, and cloud-based IT ecosystems.
  4. Adoption of company-wide compliance culture, instead of audit-focussed rubber stamping

Fintech, brokerage, auditing, or banking – regardless of your function, we have dedicated solution sets that help you stay secure and productive.

Key areas include –

  1. Access Provisioning: It is crucial to provide the right access to the right people and at the right time. We ensure provisioning of access based on the user’s role and their entitlements. Even new hires can start being productive from day one because of this feature.
  2. Lifecycle Management: We look after accesses from a user’s first day to the last, leaving no scope for misuse of orphan accounts.
  3. Access to all kinds of applications: Our single sign-on and password management solutions integrate with on-prem, hybrid, or any cloud applications. Connectors are present a very wide range of applications. If a connector is additionally required, we provide it within a couple of days.
  4. Access Reviews: They are an important part of security, compliance, and audits. We provide a solution that can show you all the accesses in a single view. Moreover, we make it simple to revoke as well as retain these accesses.
  5. Privileged Access Management: Privileged accounts are always at the risk of compromise due to their elevated capabilities. PAM ensures ‘least privilege’ across all administrative accounts. It also applies a specified time interval for the validity of such accesses.
We integrate with all your go-to applications seamlessly.
If you need integration with additional applications, you just have to let us know!
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