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Single Sign-On – An Overview


Single Sign-On(SSO) is a technology in the domain of Identity and Access Management (IAM). It allows users to log in to multiple applications with a single password (even if the actual password for each app is different).  We also have a complete guide on Single Sign-On.

SSO offers enormous productivity, cost, security and user experience benefits. It enhances security by reducing jotted-down passwords due to password fatigue (confusion resulting from having too many passwords for different apps). It enhances productivity by making access to apps quick and streamlined (thus cutting idle time related costs). User experience is improved in the process.

SSO solutions typically use Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to simplify the login process. SAML takes advantage of concepts in cryptography to distribute tokens from an Identity Provider (IdP) to different applications, granting application access in a manner that does not involve passwords.

With Cross Identity SSO you can access all your apps whether they are federated, non-federated or thick-client with a single password. This saves considerable time in getting employees productive every day – and time is money.

Our SSO sports a few unique features that you would be hard pressed to find in competing products.

Thick-client apps (desktop apps), for example, while are being relied upon less and less in favor of web apps, are still an industry standard and some industries such as banking rely very heavily upon them. For example, ERPs such as SAP are a staple in most organizations. Other IAM solutions do not possess the technology to include these apps in the SSO network (and if they do, they accomplish this in a roundabout way where breakdowns and implementation times are high). Cross Identity boasts patented technology ( that guarantees stable and pain-free SSO to all thick-client apps. We can even enable you to SSO to many shop floor machines and various devices!

Nested Multi-tenanting is a feature in our CI solution (which is engineered from the ground up to cater to organizations with simple IAM needs). This feature allows multiple Active Directory Server Domains to be configured within the same tenant instance of the solution. It enables Administrators to configure features required for different domains to those specific domains. This feature offers very high ROI as other solutions require additional instances to accomplish this.

It is no secret that certain apps work best with specific browsers. Cross Identity solutions solve this problem with our exclusive browser preference feature. Choose which browser you want an app to open with and it will open with that one every time for a pain free experience!

In addition, here are some features of Cross Identity SSO:

Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) – get automatically logged in to all your apps when you login to Windows.
SSO to SAML apps – CI can SSO to all SAML apps.
SSO to non-federated apps – Not SAML based? No problem! Our solutions can SSO to these apps too!
Password Sync – Update of your AD password syncs the same password with all apps so that you only have one password for all apps.
Auto-launch – Automatically launch selected apps when you login to your Windows account (signed-on to and ready to go!)
Enterprise Portal Integration – If your organization has a centralized portal for employees, our SSO can integrate with this.
Cross Identity has over 18 years of experience in the domain. We have seen the landscape develop and have learned through our customers what works and what doesn’t. We know what is needed in an SSO solution for customer delight. Check out our SSO solutions today!

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