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AD Provisioning/De-Provisioning as a Service


The most basic identity administration task for a new user is to provision the associated Active Directory (AD) account and assign it to appropriate AD groups. Managing AD accounts and group accesses are critical on-going administration tasks.

Automate these processes with AD Provisioning as a Service (ADPaaS) and simplify User Lifecycle Management operations in an organization.


Workflow of Active Directory Provisioning as a Service (ADPaaS)


  • Hassle-free, easy setup the process
  • Provides complete visibility of AD access statuses and associated accounts
  • Improves Security and Compliance as this process helps organizations remove AD access automatically when a user gets terminated


  • Automatic AD Account Provisioning
  • Automatic assignment of groups to AD Accounts
  • Automatic removal of groups from AD Accounts
  • Automatic AD account de-provisioning
  • AD Orphan Account reporting
  • Who has access to AD’ view
  • Self-Service AD Account Password Reset