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Access Request as a Service (ARaaS)


With the industry averaging a timeline of about one and a half weeks to complete access approval processes within an organization, it is crucial that you automate the access request process with Access Request as a Service. ARaaS helps organizations automate the process of access request and subsequent fulfilment process.

This service has two options:

Users can continue using their existing Service Desk tools to initiate the request of additional accesses.
Within this,ARaaS will collate the access request tickets created in the existing Service Desk tool and initiate the approval workflow. Once the request is approved, the system will automatically initiate the fulfilment process to provision access on the corresponding target systems.
Users can use ARaaS’ access request module to initiate the access request
Within this, the access request is initiated in ARaaS system. The system creates tickets in the existing Service Desk tool. Once the request is approved, it initiates the fulfilment process and provisions accesses in the target system as well as updates the ticket in the service desk tool and provides the latest status.

Note: NHPaaS/ADPaaS and/or MaaS service implementations are the pre-requisites for setting up this service.


access request as a service


  • Integration with existing Service Desk tools
  • Audit trail for each access request & approval process
  • Automated access provisioning & de-provisioning
  • De-provisioning of existing target system accounts that are related to the previous job profile or role
  • Clearly defined SLAs for getting access