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Access Recertification as a Service


Access recertification is the process of validating access rights within systems. It goes by different names – User-access Reviews, Access Certifications, and Periodic Access Reviews (PARs). As a crucial process for every organization (regardless of its size), it is often mandatory for compliance, governance and security risk management

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Often enough, Access recertification can be daunting for an organization with dispersed systems, workforce, and partners especially when they do not have tools, resources, and most importantly – a centralized identity directory.

Put simply, with access certification, organizations and regulations aim to formally validate users within systems and ensure that their access rights are appropriate.

Over the last couple of decades, access control technologies and system advances have necessitated rethinking how access certifications are used as a control and at what frequency. Given how businesses need to quickly respond to both opportunities and threats, they require an Identity and Access Management (IAM) infrastructure as well as automated processes to ensure that system access is always appropriate while incurring the lowest cost possible.

In addition to efficiency concerns, the threats of unauthorized access, data theft and failed compliance audits create a need for a more repeatable, automated access review process. Fortunately, the process for access reviews can be simplified and improved via automated cloud-based certifications and consumption based billing.

Access Recertification as a Service is a fast, affordable and simple service effectively addressing all such concerns. There is no more need for organizations to purchase expensive perpetual licenses. This service is charged based on the number of access review campaigns in a year.


Workflow for Access-Review-as-a-Service

How do you benefit from Access Recertification as a Service?

  • Understand who has access to what systems, applications, and data;
  • Identify dormant or inactive as well as orphan accounts;
  • Validate that the assigned access is correct and appropriate;
  • Remove all inappropriate access;
  • Seek formal validation of the final access list (certification); and
  • Document review evidence for audit and compliance purposes.
  • Makes the process simple for the reviewer (business-friendly description of the entitlement ).
  • Consolidation of all the review results is automatic