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Interview with our Partner, RSG

Please introduce your organization in 2-3 sentences?

Ready Services Group is a small veteran owned business with a mission to secure Main St., USA by providing managed security services to the small/medium business market. RSG believes that every business on Main Street USA should be afforded the same types of security services available to large multinational corporations, but also that fit in the budget of a small to medium business. RSG brings security practitioners who have many years of experience securing our nation’s assets and corporations to Main Street to provide insight, vision, processes and technology for your security needs. Our practitioners are former military cyber operators, big consulting firm cyber professionals and security practitioners from large corporations.

Could you tell us why you chose to partner with Cross Identity?

We chose to partner with Cross Identity for several reasons. The first was the rich feature sets available in their products. Enabling not just user administration, but access management and governance in a single tool streamlines complexity and reduces resources required to administer multiple tools thus bringing value to our clients. The second reason we partnered with Cross Identity is their commitment helping secure our targeted client base. Cross Identity works with us to enable us to help smaller businesses with a big solution.

What are your plans on selling the Cross Identity proposition/Roadmap ahead in terms of the Cross Identity – RSG Partnership?

Our plan is to first help our clients understand that identity management is much more than just an ID and password. Identity is the new firewall. Without having strong protections around your accounts, a breach is not “if” it is “when”. We will position our partner, Cross Identity, as the tool to help with increasing the security around all types of identities, accesses and entitlements and helping our SMB clients setup and operate the Cross Identity stack.