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Comprehensive Identity and Access Management Solution

Why Cross Identity?

For the first time there is a complete IAM solution that is deep, comprehensive, and can be implemented even by non-IT persons. This includes Access Management as well as Identity Governance and Administration.

A unique online digital guidance system helps you implement the solution step-by-step and at your own pace. Unlike other vendors, Cross Identity (Formerly Ilantus) also offers implementation support as per your needs at no extra charge.

icon - Single Sign-On

Single Sign On

Dashboard showing list of apps available for Single Sign-On

SSO to any App

Seamless SSO with ‘no app left behind’, including on-premise and thick-client apps. Web apps, federated, non-federated, thick-client, legacy or custom apps – will all be included in your SSO environment. Mobile apps and IOT devices are supported too. Homegrown app? Our interactive digital help guide ensures that this will not be an issue. And, if you need assistance with it, call Cross Identity’ dedicated helpline available 24 hours from Monday to Friday and we will do the integration for you.

App Store

Database of commonly used apps, pre-configured, and ready to download. Custom or homegrown apps can be integrated easily.

List of All Applications available in CI Appstore
List of SAML Applications available in CI AppStore
List of Web apps available in App Store
List of Desktop Applications available in CI AppStore
List of apps available under Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) section
Set browser preference at app level

Browser Preference

Experience superior optimization when each app launches in its preferred browser – a simple configuration that only takes a few clicks.

Shared App Login

Save money by sharing app licenses. Compact Identity can allow multiple employees to use a single license during different sessions, and yet protect the app password from all the users. Accountability for all users of a license through audits is also supported.

List of Identities available for Deprovisioning

Universal Directory

Compact Identity comes with a Universal Directory at no extra cost. AD licensing is expensive. If your business doesn’t feel the need for an AD at all or only wants to create AD accounts where they are required, the Universal Directory is the cost effective way to create identities in your IT environment.

Multi-factor Authentication

Authentication verifies that a user is who they say they are when – accessing a target application/system, recovering a forgotten password and unlocking an account.

This is possible with step up or multiple authentication mechanism factors (MFA) such as:

  • What the user knows – Password, Challenge Response
  • What the user has – Email / SMS OTP, Soft Tokens
  • What the user is – Biometric
Steps to set up multiple authentication mechanism factors (MFA) available in CI
Risk based authentication flow

Risk-Based Authentication

Compact Identity uses real time intelligence to calculate a user’s risk score based on factors such as device, location, and network connection. The system then associates a risk rating based on the context and decides to:

  • Allow the user access or
  • Prompt another level of authentication or
  • Simply deny the access if the risk score is high

password management | Cross Identity

Password Management

Compact Identity possesses the most comprehensive password management system anywhere in the industry. Not only does it provide capabilities to reset forgotten passwords, it also synchronizes passwords from apps that are not connected to your AD.

Enable Password Synchronization

Password Synchronization

Eliminate wasted time and avoid confusion when passwords that are changed or reset within Compact Identity, or within apps, are synced with one other.

  • Forward Password Sync: Password changes in Compact Identity are synced with your AD
  • Reverse Password Sync: AD password changes are synced with Compact Identity

Password Reset – Helpdesk Assisted

Empower your Helpdesk to perform password resets from their end, utilizing the Compact Identity interface.

User initiated password reset options

Password Reset – User Initiated

We all forget passwords and even when we don’t, we must change them from time-to-time for security reasons. Our solution allows you to reset forgotten passwords at anytime or change passwords on a schedule.

icon - Identity Governance

Identity Governance

Today, perhaps the most important part of an IAM solution, is Identity Governance. This technology allows you to govern your identities and accesses for complete compliance and audit control. Unfortunately, access management solutions in the market offer only shallow identity governance capabilities. Compact Identity, however, offers this at the deepest possible level. It even utilizes advanced analytics and business intelligence to power up your dashboards and display the most critical identity and access parameters on the fly.

Access Request:

Compact Identity enables your employees to request accesses to roles, apps and entitlements by themselves. Users can see the risk score of an entitlement they are requesting, whether their peers have such accesses, their chances of getting it approved and the average turnaround time for access to be granted. This intelligent decision-making guidance increases the efficiency of what would normally be a simple but frustrating mechanical process.

Self-service Access Request

To roles, apps, entitlements (supported with analytics and system suggestions) and request for any attribute to reduce risks

Request Access to Roles, Apps and Entitlements
Configure approval steps for high risk access
Configure Multi-level review
Steps to follow for multi-level approvals
Multi-level approvals

Get set with multiple levels to approve a high-risk access

Manager approval

Supported by analytics and risk metrics, enable managers to take right decisions by providing required information on the fly.

Delegated approval

Allow managers to delegate if not confident in taking decision

Configure Access Request workflow
Review Tasks as a part of Access Certification
Access review

Access Certification

A safe business not only utilizes a secure access provisioning system but reviews access rights regularly. Our solution automates user access reviews and, if configured, revokes accesses that are no longer suitable, or, pushes notifications to various target systems for managers to review. Compact Identity pushes the details of access reviews that are scheduled to be performed to managers, owners, or security specialists in non-technical language that is easy to understand.

Access Review/Certification

Regularly monitor ‘who has access to what’

Configure Application Access Request workflow
Access Review details about a User
Multi-level review

Reassess the appropriateness of accesses at specified intervals

Auto Fulfilment

Ensures that all access that are no longer required are terminated

Automatically revoke user access for apps
List of orphan accounts detected in an organization
Orphan Account Identification and Management

Sometimes accounts can become ‘orphaned’ when they no longer have a valid user. Such accounts present a critical security risk because they can be used and accessed without any person being accountable for actions performed within these accounts. Compact Identity detects orphan accounts and enables admins to delete them. This automation also saves your business money by freeing up licenses.

Compliance Reports

Choose from a host of pre-configured reports. Or, customize reports for exclusive needs. View these reports on your dashboard with trends and other analyses.

Run pre-configured report for Who-Has-Access-To-What
Compliance reports in Compact Identity | Cross Identity

Identity Administration | Cross Identity

Identity Administration

Managing the identity and access lifecycles of users manually is not only a cumbersome, low-productivity process, but also a security risk because the accesses of employees often remain enabled in most businesses, even after they are terminated. Modifying accesses for employees during promotions or transfers is also troublesome. Compact Identity is the most comprehensive answer to these challenges.

Self Service Access Request

Employees often need to access new roles, apps or entitlements as they grow in their jobs, and their projects become more complex. Compact Identity lets them request this on the go

Multi-Level Request Approvals

A single person approving an app, role or entitlement request works for most low-risk apps. But, what happens when access to an app also exposes a user to sensitive data or enables them to make high-impact decisions? In such situations, approval from multiple concerned parties is best. Compact identity allows you to configure multi-level workflows for an app to be approved.

Configure Multi-level review
Application Access Request workflow

Manager Approval

Managers can handle access requests intelligently with support from analytics and risk metrics that are inherent in Compact Identity.

Birthright Provisioning

Save time and money and avoid confusion when our solution automatically creates user accounts with entitlements for new employees in target applications.

Add Identity to configure Birthright Provisioning
Manage promotions and transfers of employees within CI

Promotions and Transfers

Promotions and transfers maximize a business’ employee investments. But, this comes with overhead. Our solution automatically manages access rights when an employee changes Roles/jobs within your company and thereby increases agility.


Protect your business and comply with statutory regulations when our solution automatically disables access to roles, apps, and entitlements as an employee quits or is terminated.

List of Identities available for Deprovisioning

Analytics and Business Intelligence

Gain a multidimensional view of identity data in your company with Compact Identity’s advanced data mining and analytics.

  • Advanced Data Mining and Analytics
    • Provides business context to information
    • Multidimensional views of identity data
    • Provides comprehensive user administration and governance information
  • Customizable Dashboards

icon - Customizable Dashboard

Identity Analytics

 In Compact Identity, for the first time in the history of IAM, Cross Identity has introduced dashboards which can be customized to any role. Security, compliance, IT admins, finance departments, managers, or employees all have requirements when it comes to what identity and access related information they need to view. Compact Identity has dashboards that are visually and logically customized to every role.

Cuztomized dashbaord available in CI

Consolidated Access View

In today’s IT security environment, knowledge is power, and organized knowledge is ideal. Our dashboard’s consolidated view shows individual and aggregate identity, and related access, information and statistics in the most concise and accessible way. The dashboard can be customized to different ‘user personas’ such as IT Admins, App Owners, IT Security, etc

Enterprise Mobility Management

With corporate staff using mobile devices for work on-the-go these days, it is critical that the company data is secure. Compact Identity monitors and controls data on corporate devices, locks apps and data on lost devices, and erases corporate information when employees quit or are terminated.

  • SSO to mobile applications including OAuth & Open ID
  • Auto install/uninstall apps when access rights are granted or revoked
  • Control corporate data on registered devices
  • Lock apps and data when devices are lost
  • Erase corporate information as soon as employees depart

3rd Party Integrations

  • OOTB integration to Microsoft Azure Access Management- add to your Microsoft access management all IGA features
  • Integration with 3rd Party AM, and IGA solutions
  • Integration to leading endpoint management technologies to optimize security
  • Integration with security tools such as SIEM, UEBA

API Management

  • Utilize Compact Identity functions like authentication for your own services
  • Manage all APIs securely and easily.
  • Source of authentication to 3rd party applications
  • OAuth ready – applications like Azure AD can SSO to Compact Identity
  •   API’s supported
    • Add User
    • Edit User
    • Suspend User
    • Restore User
    • Delete User
API Management feature in CI