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Converged IAM

More than 45% of new IAM deployments by 2023 will be Converged IAM. Cross Identity is the leader in this space.


  • Converged IAM combines Access Management (AM) and light IGA (Identity Governance and Administration) into one software.
  • Cross Identity’ Converged IAM offers not just AM and IGA but Privileged Access Management (PAM) as well.
  • One source code, one dashboard, one software
  • High ROI and low TCO
  • Benefits of synergy between AM and IGA
  • Will be the choice of MSSPs
  • Future proof
  • Best Converged IAM solution on the market


  • Enjoy a much lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for implementing a complete IAM environment than the traditional approach of procuring AM and IGA separately. Cross Identity is a proven, CyberDefenseAwards winning product, with a lower TCO than most AM or IGA products sold separately despite sporting both, and PAM as well.
  • Experience improved functionality, very high ROI, and reduced IT and user friction.
  • Avoid problems associated with integrating AM and IGA solutions from different vendors.
  • Experience synergy when AM and IGA are part of the same product and dashboard.
  • Provide superior user-experience when users can handle single sign-on, access requests, enrollment into authentication factors, and password management all from the same dashboard.
  • Increase agility compared to buying separate AM and IGA softwares and integrating them. Avoid update and maintenance desynchronization.

Experience the pure power of synergy

Cross Identity’ Converged IAM offering offers the best of 3 worlds: AM, IGA, and PAM.

But it also offers special synergy possibly only from building a product from the ground up with all 3 in the same product and presented in a single dashboard.

  • The solution can perform authentication better with additional risk signals generated by its IGA module. For example, it can consider the list of entitlements assigned (IGA) and step-up or step-down authentication based on this (AM).
  • A converged solution can consider the age of the last access review/recertification performed on a user (IGA) and can step up the authentication or deny access if it’s been too long (AM).
  • It can check whether the account is an Orphan Account (an active account with no registered user) (IGA), and step-up authentication or deny the access based on the result (AM).
  • If a user performs multiple unsuccessful logins within a short time (AM), a converged solution can immediately initiate a micro-certification process (IGA).
  • It can initiate the recertification of an access (IGA) based on latent time since the last access (AM).

These are only a few examples of the possible synergy of the software. More are constantly being added.

Future proof yourself with Converged IAM

Converged IAM will account for more than 45% of new IAM deployments by 2023. This means that integrations and other products related to the IAM ecosystem will be designed for use with a converged product, not a standalone AM or IGA one. Choose Converged IAM for your environment and reap the benefits now and later.

Best of the best

Cross Identity is the number one Converged IAM vendor on the market. It has been reported by analysts to sport the fullest bodied IGA amongst competitors. Other products like Okta and Microsoft lack depth and breadth in their IGA modules. They also do not offer PAM.

Years before the technology was identified as critical to the domain, Cross Identity foresaw the need for a converged product. The middle-market had needs that were just not being met by most vendors. TCO was too high, and ROI was too low. They needed a simple product that could be handled by ordinary IT staff and not IAM professionals, because such staff are expensive and are a scarce resource.

We created CI, the worlds first and best Converged IAM solution to fulfil all your Identity and Access related needs.