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World’s first Pay-Per-Use Model in Identity & Access Management: Likely to change purchase pattern for mid-market

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES , April 18, 2022 / — Cross Identity (Formerly Ilantus) today announced that its industry-changing Pay-Per-Use model is now available for its critically acclaimed Converged IAM product, Cross Identity. The new model will enable small and mid-sized businesses to achieve their IAM goals at a considerably better price than typical subscription models. The idea is that wasteful expenditure is avoided as users in an organization do not utilize IAM software uniformly.

Cross Identity has been a gamechanger in the IAM domain for a few years now. Its flagship Converged IAM product, Cross Identity, made its debut to critical acclaim in late 2020.

The advantages for IAM customers with a pay-per-use model are enormous. Users do not utilize IAM software uniformly. The security department typically sees more than 90% usage, while sales may have less than 20%. Moreover, usage of IAM features like Multifactor Authentication (MFA), Password Reset, Access Request, and Access Certification can be radically different based on the type of company and applications they use. Customers have no idea how IAM services are being consumed by different departments and users, making it impossible to monitor usage and expenditure. Customers have been asking…Read more