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Heal your Life

Heal your Life

Physical illness has its origin in mental & emotional issues:

Scientists have proven this now.  Let us see some of our physical issues and how they have their genesis in thought and emotional patterns:

BOILS AND BURNS, CUTS, FEVERS, SORES, “ITIS,” AND INFLAMMATIONS all are indications of anger expressing in the body.  Anger will find its way to express, no matter how much we try to suppress it.  Steam that is built up must be released.  We fear our anger, lest we destroy our world, yet anger can be released as simply as saying, “I am angry about this.” True, we can’t always say this to our bosses.  We can, however, beat the bed or scream in the car or play tennis.  These are harmless ways to physically releasing anger.

CANCER is a disease caused by deep resentment held for a long time until it literally eats away at the body.  Something happens in childhood that destroys the sense of trust.   This experience is never  forgotten, and the individual lives with a sense of self-pity, finding it hard to develop and maintain long-term, meaningful relationships.  Because of that belief system, life seems to be a series of disappointments.  A feeling of hopelessness and hopelessness and loss permeates  the thinking, and it becomes easy to blame others for all our problems.  People with cancer are also very self-critical.  To me, learning to love and accept the self is the key to healing cancers.

OVERWEIGHT represents a need for protection.  We seek protection from hurts, slights, criticism, abuse, sexuality and sexual advances; from a fear of life in general and  also specifically.  Take your choice.

I am not a heavy person, yet I have learned over the years that when I am feeling insecure and not at ease, I will put on a few pounds, when the threat is gone, the excess weight goes away by itself.

Fighting fat is a waste of time and energy, Diets don’t work.  The minute you stop, the weight goes back up.  Loving and approving of yourself, trusting in the process of life and feeling life because you know the power of your own mind make up the best diet I know of.  Go on a diet from negative thoughts, and your weight will take care of itself.

Too many parents stuff food in a baby’s mouth no matter what the problem is.  These babies grow up to stand in front of an open refrigerator saying, “I don’t know what I want,” whenever there is a problem.

PAIN of any sort, to me, is an indication of guilt.  Guilt always seeks punishment, and punishment creates pain.  Chronic pain comes from chronic guilt, often so deeply buried that we are not even aware of it anymore.

Negative thinking clogs up the brain and there is no room for love and joy to flow in its free and open way.

Laughter cannot flow if it is not allowed to be free and foolish.  It is the same with love and joy.  Life is not grim unless we make it so, unless we choose to look at it in that way.  We can find total disaster in the smallest upset, and we can find some joy in the greatest tragedy.  It is up to us.

Sometimes we create strokes to force us to go in a totally different direction, to revaluate our lifestyles.

STIFFNESS in the body represents stiffness in the mind.  Fear make us cling to old ways, and we find it difficult to be flexible.   If we believe there is “only one way” to do something, we often find ourselves becoming stiff.  We can always find another way to do things.  Remember Virginia Satir and her more than 250 different ways to do dishes.

SWELLING of the body represents clogging and stagnation in the emotional thinking.  We create situations where we get “hurt”, and we cling to these memories.  Swelling often represents bottled up tears, feeling stuck and trapped or blaming others for our own limitations.

TUMORS are false growths.  An oyster takes a tiny grain of sand and to protect itself, grows a hard and shiny shell around it.  We call it a pearl and think it is beautiful.

We take on old hurt and nurse it and keep pulling the scab off it, and in time we have a tumor.

I call this running the old movie.  I believe the reason women have so many tumors in the uterus area is that they take an emotional hurt,  a blow to their femininity, and nurse it.  I call this the “He done me wrong” syndrome.

Just because a relationship ends does not mean there is something wrong with us, nor does it lessen our self-worth.


Louise Hey
You can Heal your Life