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Simple, transparent pricing.

Cross Identity (Formerly Ilantus) has re-invented the way customers subscribe to services that brings IAM down to a fraction of the cost.

With user-based subscription models, you pay for all users to use all services, no matter how much or how little they use. With Cross Identity Pay-per-Use IAM (PPU), you simply pay for consumption – number of logins, passwords resets, MFA used, new users onboarded, accesses recertified and more.  You can monitor your IAM expenses, see how IAM is used by departments and be able to appropriately debit these expenses internally. Even the utilization of other business applications is made available.

There was never a better way to justify ROI on Identity and Access Management.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Pay-per-Use?

Pay-per-Use is a pricing model where customers pay for usage not users. This means that a customer is billed for actual usage -like a utility bill. They are not billed per user to simply have access to the software.

How does the Pay-per-Use model differ from a SaaS Subscription model?

The typical SaaS Subscription model is based on the number of users. Customers pay a fee per user whether the users are light users or heavy users. There is no difference in pricing on this model. The Pay-per-Use model is based on what users do – how much or how little they use the software.

Is there a minimum term for Pay-per-Use?

The minimum subscription term is 12 months.

How do I benefit with Pay-per-Use?

  1. You only pay for what your users use. When you are using more, you pay more. When you are using less (for instance during holiday and vacation time), you pay less. You are not charged the same for each user because not all users consume the same.
  2. This easily fits an OpEx spend in terms of budget and quicker approval process.
  3. The initial investment is much less than a traditional subscription.

What is the Pay-per-Use deployment model?

SaaS – Cloud – Multi-tenant. We also support private cloud deployment model with dedicated tenant for a customer at an additional cost.

What features are available in the Pay-per-Use model?

Billing is based on consumption parameters such as:
In the Access Management module: Single Sign-on, MFA, Self-service Password Management capabilities. In the IGA module: New hire provisioning, Mover provisioning and de-provisioning, Leaver de-provisioning, Access Request, Access Certified, Compliance Reports and Usage Reports.

Does the customer get to see a dashboard of consumption?

Yes. There is transparent sharing of all consumption on online, real time basis.

Do you provide downloadable reports in the PPU model?

Yes. Reports are downloadable and audit ready.

Can I avail only a particular service from the available options - For instance, if I only want password reset?

Yes. You only use the service of choice and only pay for what you consume. For instance, if you choose the Access Management module with Single sign-on, Password Reset and MFA and only use Password Reset – there will be no charges for Single sign-on or MFA.

How is the implementation handled?

Cross Identity does not implement CI. Each subscription comes with limited hour courtesy customer support. Cross Identity has a unique online guided help available for implementations. We provide access to our Customer Support Hub with the technical documentation needed for implementation. We also offer implementation support packages that would enable customers/partners to tide over some complex situations during the implementation.

What if a customer does not want to implement on their own?

If a customer would prefer to have a service provider implement CI, Cross Identity can provide names of partners who are certified to implement CI.

What are the support charges?

Each subscription comes with CLASSIC support. Customers are provided with basic product support. If customers want to increase support availability, we offer upgraded options based on customer needs. Please contact Sales for more details.

Is there a minimum and maximum number of users in the Pay-per-Use model?


Is there a maximum number of events in the Pay-per-User model?


Can I use the Pay-per-Use for any industry vertical?


Can I monitor my consumption department wise?


Will I be able to view the usage trend - department/company wise?



What is converged IAM?

Converged IAM combines Access Management (AM) and Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) onto a single platform. This enables customers to purchase a single product to meet multiple IAM needs.

Why is CI called Converged IAM?

CI converges Access Management and IGA. It is build on a single code base. The features are not from different code bases that are integrated on the same platform.

Can CI handle Single Sign-on to legacy applications?

Yes. Cross Identity has a patent for that.

How do you know if a product is truly Converged IAM?

Some vendors claim that they are converged when they have acquired various IAM products on different code bases and have integrated them. True convergence is not integration.

What are the USPs of CI?

  • Single product for all critical IAM needs
  • Allows seamless interaction between AM and IGA modules
  • Built in Guided Help system to simplify end user and admin usage
  • Dashboard that meters usage of CI and any software integrated to it
  • Consumption based model where users only pay for what they use

How will I benefit using CI?

  1. CI dashboards enable customers to see usage by departments which can be charged back to the departments.
  2. CI dashboards also enable customers to see other software usage enabling departments to determine if other software costs can be streamlined.
  3. CI is sold in modules enabling customers to start with what they need first and scale up at the right time.
  4. CI has an in-build help system that assists customers who lack the IT bandwidth and knowledge on their own.
  5. CI implementation is designed to be implemented by customers with assistance packages from Cross Identity.
  6. You will only need to purchase one product to get all the IAM you need.
  7. ROIs are higher and TCOs are lower than other IAM products on the market.

How is the product ranked in the analyst community?

CI is featured in Gartner’s Access Management Magic Quadrant for 2021, IGA Market Guide for 2021. CI is recognized by the Kuppingercole, an Analyst only focused on IAM for both Access Management and IGA in the 2021 Leadership Compass, and it was also featured in Frost & Sullivan’s FROST RADAR 2021.


How do you charge?

Customers purchase an annual subscription based on the number of user identities. The subscription fee is the minimum usage fee for the year. Usage is metered where customers are charged only for what is used. The minimum is an aggregate of what all users use.

Does the fixed minimum annual subscription amount vary based on the services subscribed for?

Yes. Annual minimums are based on the module and number of users.

Why is the there an fixed annual subscription in Pay-per-Use model?

The fixed minimum annual subscription is towards the cloud hosting and management of the IAM application, updates and upgrades, support for the CI platform and access to Customer Support Hub.

How do you invoice for the service?

There is a minimum annual fee. When consumption reaches that minimum, customers are charged a per unit rate for each service over the minimum. The per unit rate is available in the proposal.

What are the rates for consumption?

Each consumption transaction has an associated fee. The fee is determined by the number of user identities. Fees decrease as user numbers increase. Proposals will include the rates for each transaction.

How can you predict what the monthly fee will be?

There is a maximum spend for each user band. Once that maximum is reached, customers continue to use the service but are not charged beyond the maximum spend. This enables customers to budget knowing that they will never be charged more than this maximum spend. The maximum spend is available in the proposal.

What happens when I reach the maximum spend - am I unable to use CI at that time?

When your calculated usage hits the maximum spend limit, you are no longer charged for usage. CI continues to be available for usage. Usage continues to be metered but not charged.

What is the difference between the minimum consumption fee and the maximum spend fee?

Customers pay an annual fee for minimum consumption whether they use the consumption minimum or less than the minimum. The maximum is the maximum spend. Customers will not be charged any more than the maximum for the entire year.

When am I charged for monthly consumption over the minimum?

Customers are not charged until they reach the minimum. After customers reach the minimum, usage is calculated at the end of the month and invoiced the beginning of the new month.

Does each user need to use up their own minimum?

No. The usage is an aggregate of all users and their usage.

What is the Platform Activation fee?

The Platform Activation fee is a on time fee, paid upfront upon purchase to set up the service.

Does the Platform Activation fee vary?

Yes. It is based on the number of users and the module selected for usage.

How is the consumption calculated?

Each event has a fee. CI monitors all events and calculates the usage and the billing automatically.

Is billing monthly/quarterly/annually?

Minimum consumption is paid annually. Consumption over the minimum is billed monthly.

What is the billing cycle?

The billing cycle is monthly (30 days) after the minimum consumption is exhausted.

What do I need to spend to get started?

To initiate Pay-per-User, you pay the Platform Activation fee and the annual minimum subscription.

Implementation Support

How do we select the implementation support package most appropriate for us?

Packages are based on the number of hours you need for support-24, 48 or 60 hours. Selection is based on your IAM expertise and IT bandwidth. A sales representative can assist you in determining the best fit.

Does the implementation support package have minimum consultation hours?

Yes. We have a 2-hour minimum for all sessions.

What is included in the implementation support package?

It includes problem resolution remote sessions with a certified Technical Support Engineer.

Do you provide any free implementation support?

Yes. We include Courtesy Support to answer implementation questions through email.

Post Implementation Support

What type of support packages are available?

We offer three support packages based on the support availability needed -8×5, 12×5, 24x7x365.

Is there any default support package that comes along with pay-per-use at no additional cost?

Yes. Classic support package is included at no additional cost.

Do you provide a dedicated resource?

Yes. This is a feature in our upgraded support packages.


Which cloud services do you use?


Does the cloud service come with High Availability and Disaster Recovery


How secure is the SaaS deployed IAM?

Security protocols are in place to ensure and maintain data integrity such as:

  • Secure Infrastructure
  • Secure Cloud Service
  • Secure Personnel
  • Secure Development Lifecycle
  • Secure, Audited Process & Controls

Which region is the data center hosted?

The date centers are hosted locally for each regions such as US, EMEA, APAC

What are the different compliance certificates available with CI

SOC 2 Type II 2019, ISO 270001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018

What is the SLA for cloud service?

Cross Identity offers 99.95% availability of its Cloud Service