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Passion and Grace

Passion and Grace

Divine grace is the greatest thing that can transform our lives. Whether it be a simple force that helps you in your career or business, the grace that finds you someone to love, or the one that simply transforms your mindset and beliefs, it is the only thing that we can have that profoundly changes our fundamental experience of ourselves.

But grace must be met, if not halfway, somewhere along the line. You must be in some ready state that it can act around you, and that state is a result of you aligning your life with your true purpose.

The most powerful transformative agent that we can experience on a personal level is passion. Passion is our only guiding light and the only thing that makes any journey worthwhile. Without passion, life is empty, and grace cannot enter.

The first step is to find your passion. Oftentimes we already know it or have an inkling, but what we are passionate about requires us to untie connections with other aspects of our lives. This can be daunting, and many people spend years and decades doing something they are not truly passionate about – all the while knowing deep inside what it is that would truly make their lives worthwhile.

Courage is the cinder that sparks passion. Have courage to follow your passion. Have courage to be passionate!

When a man is passionate, he is consumed by a living fire. This fire does not burn bridges, it instead forges them. A man that is passionate is in tune with himself. He starts doing things that are truly good for him. Then, grace can enter and temper that passion into a life that is truly whole.