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The Cross Identity Partner Proposition

Crafted for mutual excellence, our Partner Proposition has objective to make us 100% partner-focussed-

Well defined novel channels of revenue | Cross Identity

Well-defined, novel channels of revenue

Our revenue model for you opens new sources of income and has been defined on multiple levels –

1.One-time Revenue  

  • Includes perpetual license revenue as well as proof of concept.

2. Recurring Revenue 

  • Includes annual recurring revenue in terms of license revenue based on subscription and consumption-based models. In addition, professional services, managed services and support services are also recognized revenue streams.

3. Event-based Revenue  

  • Includes an option for Cross Identity connector development at our fixed price offer as well as an option for partner connector development at your pricing.  
  • Extensions using RPA and Report Building are additional sources.  
Velocity of Commerce | Cross Identity

Velocity of Commerce

Well-known for speedy deployment with typical Engagement cycles spanning 8-16 weeks, we provide on the spot trial instances, both in terms of Pre-configured as well as Standard models.

  • Our POCs are time-sensitive with an average timeline of about 2-4 Weeks.
  • Our entire connector building and integration process span about a week.
  • Overall, this guarantees you lowest cost-per-sale in the industry.
Marketing and sales support | Cross Identity

Marketing and sales support

We are entirely Partner focused. You will have direct access to Product Management as well as product enablement through Sales Training. You’ll be listed and promoted on the Cross Identity Website and included in our SEO and Social Media Activities. MDF for initial Development and a percentage of revenue will be provided.

Road map visibility | Cross Identity

Road map visibility

We value our partners and work with complete transparency. We offer –

  • Product direction Visibility for the next six months
  • Roadmap visibility for the next six months
  • Ability to influence the roadmap
  • Ability to commit new features to your customers
  • Additional features (unless a new module) will not cost more
Committed to mutual success | Cross Identity

A penchant for mutual success

We’re committed to partner success and believe in the following –

  • You are our Customer, and we serve you
  • You will be assigned a dedicated Partner Desk
  • A named Representative to each partner account will be appointed
  • Our representatives’ KRA = your profitability