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Of Self-Awareness and Self-Love

Of Self-Awareness and Self-Love

Life…or Something Like it

Life is life. How often have we heard this? But is life – life – or is it deeply impacted by our perception of it – or indeed, by our perception of ourselves?

Who are we truly, and what are we made of? Beggars, priests, kings, lay people, or indeed, corporate folk – what is it that we can all call our own?

The answer is simple but profound: It is our sense of self. Or, how we perceive ourselves.

Inquire Deeper…

Are we the limited, conditioned ideas of what we think of ourselves? Are we what the billboard advertisements, YouTube, and religions of the world say we are?

It is worth questioning because there is only one thing that is truly constant. The fact that we exist. It might be dimmed when we sleep, or slurred when we are drunk, but we always know it – even and especially when we are completely alone.

So, what if we decide to look at ourselves anew? What would we find if we for a minute ignored what we think we know about ourselves?

The Startling Truth

The answer has been unanimous amongst sages, saints and indeed many profound thinkers and personalities. It is also echoed in the words of many people today – spiritual teachers, life coaches, and indeed even scientists and medical professionals.

The answer that you may find is that you are something distinct, yet so merged with everything, that it is hardly distinct at all. It is what they call an ‘open secret’.

You are Universal Consciousness. Divinity. The Holy Spirit.

Call it whatever you like, but it tastes, feels, and experiences itself in the same way regardless of who you are.

What is its nature? Abundance, radiant bliss, strength, and purity. What is its purpose? To express itself, as it is infinitely mysterious and yet alive and capable of self-expression. What is its form? It is YOU.