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Your Guide to Achieving the Health You Deserve


In this final blog of our “Perfect Health” series, we provide a guide to achieving the health that you deserve. The first two blogs explained why modern medical science fails to meet this goal and talked about the innate intelligence of our body’s healing mechanisms. They also delved into the extent of healing that is possible – major diseases could be cured, cancer could be put in remission, and even the negative effects of aging could be halted.

The core practice that will facilitate perfect health for you is not anything specific, but rather an understanding. From this understanding, all your activities will have the right energy and direction to result in a state of health and wholeness for your body and mind.

You are not just a body with a mind; you are a consciousness that inhabits a body and possesses a mind, consciousness being synonymous with soul or essence.

Your consciousness influences your mind and body. When you are in a state of joy and freedom, your mind is tranquil and your thoughts are positive. Your body is healthy because of the radiant energy that permeates it and there is no scope for confusion or sadness.

There are thousands of studies in medical science as well as quantum physics that confirm this. Animals and human patients heal faster and better when they listen to music or are lovingly taken care of. When they have dear ones to give them love, they tend to spring back from illness quickly. In quantum physics, it has been observed that electrons respond not just to physical interference, but to whether or not they are simply being observed. As crazy as it might sound, water droplets that are slowly frozen in the presence of music, form more symmetrical, beautiful crystals than without music!

So, what you need to understand is that you are not simply a body, subject to the whims of disease and aging. You are sentient. You can influence your mind and your body’s healing by how you feel, how you think, and what you do.

So, what are the best things to feel, think, and do in order to attain and enjoy perfect health?

To address each one of the 3 aspects; consciousness, mind, and body, there are 3 levels of practices to consider.

For the body, diet is very important. What you eat directly influences your body, both keeping its baseline state of healing at the correct level, as well as causing it to exist in a state of ‘surplus health’. Vegetarianism is the most important mandate here. Meat pollutes the body and its energy. It hardens the arteries and causes heart disease. Human intestines are also not built for the consumption of meat.

The organ is very long, and the meat that is eaten sits in it for a long time before being fully processed and excreted. During this time, it will gather bacteria. This is why most people experience foul-smelling flatulence a few hours after eating meat. Energy is a subtle field that exists inside and around your body. It is being proven through different methods such as Kirilian photography that this field does indeed exist. It is also mentioned in countless ancient texts from around the world – the serpent energy in the bible for example. It exists between your mind and body and is the carrier for your mental and emotional movements to express themselves in your body.

On this level, the animal experiences fear and anxiety before and at the moment of its death. When you eat its flesh, you consume that negative energy. This will make you feel angry, low, or confused.

For the body, the utilization of ayurvedic herbs is also very beneficial. While a healthy vegetarian diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables will result in a very healthy body, eating superfoods and micronutrient-rich herbs has its own benefits. It helps deal with the stress and pollution of our modern world, which cause additional wear and tear to the body’s systems. It helps immunize against disease. Ayurvedic herbs such as chyawanprash, shilajit, giloyl, ashwagandha, triphala, etc., all possess very strong healing properties. They are all potent antioxidants and help the body eliminate ingested pollutants and create a ‘super-immune’ system that is very resistant to modern illnesses.

Yoga is another practice to consider. While physical yoga, called asan, is also valuable for flexibility and skeletomuscular health, it is breathing yoga, or pranayam, that has the most value to the body, mind, and consciousness. The mind and body are both heavily influenced by breathing. The body’s most essential processes such as the beating of the heart, health of the lungs, and oxygenation of the blood, are all influenced by your breathing. Practices that improve the quantity of oxygen consumed, as well as your blood’s capacity to carry oxygen, are of immense benefit to the immune system and your health in general. The mind’s tranquility is also influenced by the breath. The next time you are sad or angry, take gentle, deep breaths for a few minutes. Amazingly, you will find your mood sublimated into something positive. So, a daily practice of 30-60 minutes of pranayam, preferably in the morning before breakfast, is a powerful tool to improve your mental and physical well-being.

At the level of the mind, there are many things one can practice both actively as well as passively. Actively, one can practice stress-relief meditation and participate in sound, light, infrared, and energy healing sessions (guided meditation sessions to release stress are abundantly available today. If you don’t want to pay for one, you can stream or download from YouTube.) If you find a holistic healing center near you, you can participate in various sessions that help calm the mind and promote positive thoughts. These include sound and vibration related therapy sessions, infrared lights focused on the brain, reiki or quantum healing sessions, acupuncture, acupressure, etc.

Many passive practices can also relax the mind and promote a healthy mental state. To begin with, bring awareness to your thoughts and thought patterns at all times. There is no need to have a goal here, as the simple direction of your energy towards the mind’s processes awakens a better quality in them. When you learn what makes you angry or sad, and why, you might notice that it is something in your response pattern, or some hurt from the past, which causes you to feel the way you do. With these realizations comes natural healing that will bring tranquility. You can also take out some ‘me time’ during the day to just be with your emotions and thoughts while having a quiet cup of tea for instance. Gently relaxing your thoughts, trust that whatever concerning matters are crowding them can be dealt with later, and enjoy your tea quietly. This teaches your mind to not worry too much, because once it observes that there is little reason to worry constantly, it will ease its obsessive tendencies. It is known that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. But the reverse is also true. Your mind’s obsessive tendencies, violent thoughts, confusion, etc., all poison your body with stress chemicals. To relax the mind is to bring about greater health in the body.

Next, we arrive at consciousness. There are various things you can do to improve its quality and deepen its connection with its source; the divine and existence. Meditation is the one central practice that will benefit you the most here, as well as influence the tranquility of your mind. In the beginning, you can use a mantra, mental picture, or silently count your breaths to bring yourself into the right state. This is a state of gentle concentration, which amplifies the soul’s presence in your universe. It also purifies your being from old hurts and deep worries. At a later stage, you can drop the mantra and just sit in a space of quiescence. It is deeply healing and makes you a brighter, happier, more intelligent, and capable person. The healthier and happier your soul is, the more positive thoughts and silence you will experience, as the mind is an expression of the soul.

These are the various aspects that can influence your body’s ability to heal itself. It can also bring about a transformation in your mind and being whereby you are a more joyous, focused, and radiant person. What is important to understand is that you are consciousness first and foremost, which has a mind that can influence your body. This understanding precedes the wisdom of the different practices to improve the health of your entire body-mind-consciousness continuum. Only when you fully appreciate this truth, will all your efforts find the right direction. Then, you can be on your way to attain the perfect health that you deserve.