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Breaking the Ice at Your New Workplace

Breaking the ice at your new workplace

Hardworking, efficacious, dedicated but at the same time, inhibited, diffident, and self-conscious…
Do you relate to a personality like this? Well, our personality traits, irrespective of how contradictory they are to each other, make us unique. But if you’re someone looking to make new work acquaintances, you are in the right place!

Look around your office, for instance – there are employees who walk-in with enthusiasm and start their day after greeting everyone, from the janitor to the CEO. Then, there are employees who walk-in, complete their tasks and leave for the day without much ado. They keep to themselves, and that’s how they like it.

There are some employees who secretly wish to be a part of a large group, join and contribute towards the lighthearted, funny, and interesting conversations but they worry that they may not be welcomed.

Often though, it is unrealistic to expect a personal invitation from a group of 10-15 employees and rather, the employees who wish to part be a part of the group should break the ice. Here’s how;

Invite yourself
When you find a large and loud group, instead of eavesdropping and smiling all by yourself, try to embrace a direct approach wherein you walk up to them and say, ‘Hey! Can I be a part of this conversation? It sure does sounds interesting’. People generally like such honesty and wouldn’t unwelcome a new member. After all, the more the merrier.

Bring out interesting topics
So, now that you are a part of the group, bring out topics people would want to participate in. Try to keep the conversation going and avoid constant silence or monosyllables.

Smile and greet
Greeting the group with a smile and starting the day with a cheerful ‘Hi’ or ‘Good Morning’ certainly helps you build a rapport and bond with the group. They will eventually feel connected to you and make you feel welcomed.

Spread positivity
No one likes constant cribbing and complaining, right? So, now that you are a part of the group, try not to sound pessimistic. In fact, you could as much as flip cold and unpleasant discussions into fun and joyful interactions.

It is about time you stop being in a cocoon, more so if you’re a person who desires to be a part of a group. Don’t let insecurities or self-doubts hold you back. Who knows, there maybe be a group that is also looking forward to having you as a part of their fun-times too!