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How to Achieve “Perfect Health”?

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The concept of health has been evolving over the last few decades. What was initially thought to be simply the absence of disease, is now perceived as an integrated universe in which our minds, emotions, and bodies are not only disease-free, but in a state of joy and radiance. The body is recognized, not as something that is undoubtedly prone to aging and disease, but as a marvel that can exist without aging and is capable of completely dealing with every disease possible.

Modern medicine fumbles in the dark for solutions to problems because it has a misguided approach. Instead of recognizing the extraordinary capability of the body to keep itself healthy and to heal itself from disease, it seeks to cure disease directly and does not focus on finding a way to make this self-healing capability an everyday reality.

This approach is flawed because the body’s innate intelligence is irreplicable. When a cut needs to be healed, dozens of processes that occur flawlessly within the body are a testament to the body’s intelligence. Antiseptics might slow the growth of bacteria and prevent infection, but the body has its own capacity to do this and the actual healing of the cut is done best by it.

Another example is the use of diuretics to solve hypertension. The goal of the drugs is to reduce fluid tension in the blood, but this comes at a cost. Water is indiscriminately collected from every cell in the body, and alcohol combined with these diuretics is the leading cause of death among older Americans.

Yet another example of the flawed approach of modern medicine is chemotherapy. Cells are irradiated, in the hopes that cancer cells, which grow faster than ordinary ones, will die first. However, chemotherapy, by itself, takes a huge toll on the body, and the statistics are not in favor of this treatment. A typical cancer patient may have around 10 billion cancer cells. If chemotherapy is even 99.99% effective, there would still be 1 million survivors, more than enough for the disease to resurface easily again.

If not drugs and medicine, what is the solution to attaining a disease-free body?

The reality is that our bodies are immensely capable of remaining disease free, and even of not aging in any detrimental way when it is pure and whole. It is our modern lifestyle, poor diet, consumption of meat, constant stress, and indulgence in violent TV programs that have reduced both our body and our mind’s capacity for self-healing. That the mind influences the body’s healing is now a known fact. In both medical studies, as well as in quantum theory, it has been shown that consciousness affects matter significantly. Our minds are a mess, full of confusion and drama, violent and self-deprecating thoughts. Is it any wonder that our bodies are ill?

In the next 3 blog posts in this series, we will discuss ‘perfect health’, the shortcomings of modern medicine, and suggest lifestyle changes that will help you attain perfect health.