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The Solar-plexus (Manipur) Chakra


The manipur chakra is located near the solar-plexus. It is yellow in color, and it’s element is fire. It is a masculine chakra (which means it sends energy outward into the world, rather than receives it from the world and from other chakras.) Where the root chakra projects your physical being into the outer reality, the manipur chakra projects your will and intent into the wide world.

The Manipur Chakra: Our True Center of Energy

While the root is also the primary masculine chakra to energize the others, the manipur is considered our true center of energy. This is because one actually lives from here, not from the root. One’s intent and will, and how we choose to direct our energies in life, is what really determines our energetic center.

It also happens to be where all energies in our system meet and intertwine.

This is why it’s element is fire; physical existence manifested outwardly (the root chakra) is not our existence in itself. It’s just the base. Our true energetic center is where we make our life decisions.

The Manipur’s Existential Movement

The process of individuation that occurs during adolescence is a result of our manipur chakra. The formation of identity happens here. Through this chakra you learn your ‘authentic self’, and find your life’s purpose. It is also the seat of the ego. Ego here is not meant in a negative way: we need a healthy ego to survive and live. You need your ego to accomplish things in life and to tackle obstacles. So, a healthy manipur chakra means a healthy ego. It results in a well balanced individual.

Gut Feel and Instinct

This chakra is associated with non-spiritual intuition, also called ‘gut feel’. Your instincts about people, situations, and decisions come from here. It is known today that your biological system has a ‘second brain’ in the gut. The second largest conglomeration of neurons exists in our stomach. There is a direct correlation between the brain in this biological system, and the knowing that the manipur gives us.

Diagnosing Your Manipur

A weak manipur chakra results in one aimlessly blowing about in life. You also have no clear sense of purpose, and start things but never really finish them. You give your power away by following others. You also have low-self esteem.

If this chakra is strong, on the other hand, you have a sense of being proud of who you are, and others can feel this too. You are confident and have a strong presence. When it comes to your life, you are well directed from within. You state your will and intent clearly to the universe, and the universe helps you by bringing the corresponding things into your life. You are your own leader.

An overactive manipur chakra is characterized by one being overly opinionated and dismissive of others’ opinions. You become so focused on your daily productivity that everything else, including your relationships and your own happiness, take a back seat.

Healing and Balancing the Manipur Chakra

If this chakra is weak, you can bring strength to it through meditation. Simply center yourself in a meditative space, and feel the energetic presences in your stomach area. Be still and let the light of your consciousness energize and stimulate your manipur. If your chakra is already healthy, this meditation can help you delve into its mysteries and provide insights related to direction and purpose in life.

Another way to balance this chakra is to form new and healthy habits. Start small; get up 30 minutes earlier than usual if you are prone to sleeping too much, and drink a glass of lemon water when you do. Lemon has properties that stimulate the manipur, and you can also notice that its color is yellow.

Slowly cut out bad habits. Do it gradually. Some intangible bad habits to cut out are procrastination and psychologically reinforcing negative thought patterns about being unworthy. Affirmations are helpful here, remind yourself daily that you have the capacity to become a strong and confident person, and that you are taking steps to achieve this. Another thing to do is to avoid situations that make you complacent, and instead seek ones that challenge you.

In Conclusion…

The manipur chakra is the seat of your ego and the center of your energy and will. It is responsible for your choices in life, which reflects in what directions your energy moves. This chakra collects energy from other masculine ones, and sends out energy to the feminine ones. Your entire energetic existence consolidates here, and then resonates outwardly into reality. Having a strong manipur is therefore critical to leading a healthy and balanced life.

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