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The Sacral (Swadhistana) Chakra

Swadhisthana chakra


The sacral chakra is situated between the hips. It is a feminine chakra (which means that it receives energy rather than gives it) and governs emotions, creativity, and sexuality. It’s element is water, and it determines your ability to enjoy your life.  Its color is orange. When people are ‘drawn to someone’, it means that someone has a strong sacral chakra. If you tend to get ‘lost in the crowd’, your sacral is weak.

Self-diagnosing The State of Your Sacral Chakra

To diagnose your sacral, ask yourself the following questions: Are you enjoying your life? Are you in touch with your feelings? How is your sex life? How healthy are your relationships? Do you wake up each morning burgeoning with enthusiasm and looking forward to your day? Do you trust the world in general, or, at least, do you not have a sense of mistrust or negativity towards it? If you answer yes to most of these, your sacral is healthy and strong.

Dislike isn’t Necessarily a Bad Thing

This energetic center is responsible for your ‘feelings’ about yourself and about the world at large. While a healthy heart chakra results in a feeling of love towards yourself and others, the sacral chakra deals with more relative aspects. How you feel in your gut about someone depends on your sacral. But how you feel about humans in general depends on your heart chakra. You would have noticed that you can feel compassion even for the most seemingly despicable characters, while still considering them less than perfect examples of human beings.

The Sacral Offers Insight into Duality

The sacral is characterized by polarities. While the heart chakra, which we will discuss in a later blog, is unconditional in its love and forgiveness, the sacral chakra is responsible for likes as well as dislikes. If your sacral chakra is healthy, you will still have likes and dislikes, but will experience them within one unified field of goodness. This extends to other people. You will like some people more, and some people less, and might even develop a dislike for some. But you will not feel negative or confused about them. You will be capable of accepting that you just won’t get along with some people, be ok with it, and move on with your life.

Weak, Strong, and Overactive Sacral Chakras

Your sacral too, like the root, can be weak and unhealthy, strong, or ‘blown open’. A weak sacral chakra results in being out of touch with your emotions and sexuality, and also in a very physical kind of depression. You don’t want to face the world each morning, you sleep too much, you drink too much to cope, and feel incapable of socializing. A healthy sacral is characterized by feeling positive about your life, buoyant, sociable, and by healthy habits. You enjoy your life completely, but have innate balance in it. An overactive sacral is also out of balance, with too much energy in it. This condition is characterized by oversensitivity, thriving on conflict and drama, and sexual promiscuity. Both extremes need to be managed and brought into balance.

Healing and Balancing Your Sacral Chakra

To heal and balance your sacral chakra, meditate on it. Allow your healthy root chakra to flood it with positive energy. In silence and contemplation, simply be with it. Bringing the light of your true consciousness to any chakra is healing and balancing.

There are other steps you can take for the health of your sacral chakra. Go out and have more fun! Especially when you feel isolated or depressed; when you just want to go to bed early on a saturday night, pick up your friends’ calls and have a night out! Negative voices in your head will tell you that you are not good enough, or that you ‘don’t fit in’. Ignore these and do it anyway!

Also, stop caring what people think of you, as this suppresses your sacral energy. Go out into the world and start chatting up strangers. This is a very powerful way of opening the sacral. Also, try to adopt an attitude of congeniality, of wanting some spice out of life, of wanting to have more friends, and your sacral will become energized and healthy.

Happiness, Vulnerability, and Dancing in the Rain

What’s the point of life without fun? Don’t just expect fun to come as a byproduct of life, seek it out actively! Remember that the goal of life is happiness!

Be vulnerable in your relationships. Vulnerability can hurt, but it also engenders joy.

Go out and dance! Take dance lessons! Dancing heals the sacral chakra, as well as the root. It also creates a strong and positive connection between the two.

In Conclusion…

The sacral chakra is responsible for your day to day happiness and emotional wellbeing. Having a strong sacral means a better life for you. So, if it is weak or blocked, find ways to connect more with people and to find joy in your life. If it is overactive, cut back slowly on bad habits and try to be more relaxed instead of taking life too seriously. The fundamental goal of our existence is to live a life worth living. Do this, and you will also pave the way for your other chakras to be much healthier.

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