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One session for transformation


You have your day planned – complete all your tasks for the day and head back home and just then, you receive an e-mail from the Human Resources stating that a personality development session is organized, and all the employees are compelled to attend it.

You begin planning your escape plot – “I will take up more work today, so I don’t have to attend”, “I will play sick” or “I should coax 2-3 other employees into scooting together”

After all, you work all day long and sitting through a never-ending personality development session, where a motivational speaker would just chant the same old lines “Be positive”, “You can change the world”, etc. Do you really need that?

However, before you plan to skip such sessions, read this little story;

A man, who earned impressive degrees from the top colleges, was hired by a big organization. The management and his team always saw great potential in him and they expected him to deliver some fantastic work. However, the man was held back by his insecurities, lack of confidence and fear. This was the only reason his performance always remained mediocre.

He attended a session that was organized at his work and that is exactly what he needed. The speaker was a remarkable orator and his words of motivation filled the man with enthusiasm. At the end of the session, the speaker quoted a well-known personality, “Fear is an idea-crippling, experience-crushing, success-stalling inhibitor inflicted only by yourself” These words boosted his confidence and he went on to become the best performer of the year.

Oftentimes, you may not even realize that you need the little doses of motivation and you may never find them within your cubicle. You may have million-dollar ideas and gripping strategies, but they can all be executed only if you have a confident “go-getter” attitude.

Try taking active parts in such sessions. Maybe, that one word, one sentence from that one session is all you need for a major transformation.