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An ode to your work friends


We spend most of our day or rather, lives, at work.
A typical day includes walking into the office, getting occupied with the daily tasks, completing them and waiting to call it a day. But, there is someone who adds a little flavor to your monotonous work life – Your work friend.
Work friends are probably your best friends, here’s why;

Going to work doesn’t seem that bad.

Yes. It’s just a regular day, you have loads of work, targets to achieve, starting new projects, updating report, but you get to meet your work buddy. This, if nothing else, makes you want to go to work.

You share everything.

Do you want to talk about a small change in your project? Or do you need to rant about your neighbors’ dog ruining your garden? Just straight away walk up to your office bestie and you know they’ll be all ears.

Need motivation? You know who to go to.

When you are having a rough day, your work buddy is all-ready to give you those little doses of wisdom, motivation, and laughter. That’s all you need to bounce back and get on with your work, enthusiastically.

Your breaks are sorted.

You are never alone during your coffee breaks or lunch breaks. It is always 2 cups of piping hot coffee and light-hearted conversations with your work friend keeping you company.

The right person for the right advice.

Your work friend always has your interest at heart. Whenever you feel like getting advice on work, career or maybe, life in general, you can always count on him/her for honest advice. They know you so well, their advice will work perfectly well for you.
So, try and walk up to them, every once in a while, and thank them for being there and making your work life better and happier, day after day.