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Negativity & its Delusion


I read these beautiful lines early in the morning today & would like to share who are experiencing any negativity in this moment….

All negativity arises out of our resistance to something or the other. It is totally unnatural. It is a psychic pollutant, there is a deep link between the poisoning & destruction of nature & the vast negativity that has accumulated in the collective human psyche. No other life form on earth knows negativity, only humans, just as no other life form violates & pollutes the earth. Have you ever seen an unhappy flower or stressed oak tree? Have you come across a depressed dolphin, a frog that has problem with self-eastern, a cat that cannot relax, or a bird that carries hatred or resentment? The only animals that many experience some form of negativity or show signs of neurotic behavior are those that live in close contact with humans to link into human mind….

Let’s say you are sitting quietly at home. Suddenly these is a penetrating sound of a car alarm from across the street. Irritation arises. Why? Why did you create it? You didn’t. The mind did; it was totally automatic, unconscious. Why did the mind create it? Because it holds the unconscious belief that its resistance will somehow dissolve the undesirable situation. This of course, is a delusion. The resistance it creates, irritation or anger in this case, is far more disturbing than the original cause that it is attempting to dissolve.

The key to dropping negativity is to be aware of it being created by mind.
Based on writing of EcKart Tolle